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    I just recieved the results of my prostate is 110ml....apparently thats pretty large - they also detected some lesions.  My PSA is 11.8 and has been rising the past few years.  Im 58 years old.  I had a biopsy 4 years ago which was wants to do another.  My unexperienced brain tells me that based on the numbers Im likely to have PC.  This is really worrying me. 




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    My Story

    wow. that's basically my story. have U ever been diagnosed with either BPH, or prostatitis? those R conditions that can elevate the PSA. did your doctor or urologist perform a DRE? negative DRE is not always cancer free, but a positive DRE may be a bit more of a concern. have you seen a written copy of the MRI results? if you haven't, you should ask for a copy from where you received the MRI. 

    i'm going through the exact same thing. what i can tell you is ONLY A BIOPSY WILL DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE CANCER. now, this may not ease your stress levels, but i do know that is fact. i also know that an elevated PSA doesn't ALWAYS mean cancer. based off of what i've learned, if you haven't done any research, look up prostatitis, BPH and the benefits of a MRI guided biopsy. if your insurance pays for it, i'd go that route. like i wrote, i'm going through the same thing, so, i'm hoping the very best for you. 

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    Most legacy MRI technology is

    Most legacy MRI technology is not very good for confirming PC or understanding the type of cancer if present. A high PSA can be other things and so can an abnormal image. A biopsy will help determine what is going on. If it is cancer, most cases of PCa have a high cure rate or are so indolent that watchful waiting may be considered. 85% of men age 85 have PCa but most of them die of something else. Chose the best doctor(s) that you have access to and let them finish testing to determine what is happening.


    Good luck and try to relax,