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The one thing.

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i will admit, I’m about half drunk, doesnt happen often. I got to thinking about you guys and what we mean to each other. The one thing that brings us together is a disease that’s going to kill some of us. That’s f’ed up. I have no reason to know any of you, except that one thing. I have A 53 per cent chance of recurrence. The chance is better in me that it comes back then not. But, the chances are the same that a bus kills me. The disease got Dave and will get more of us. I feel sometimes like we cower here in our little corner. F that. Fox says FLY. I say fly as high as you can. I see more of life now then I ever have. Take the trip. Love life. Hunter S. Thompson used to say “one ticket, one ride”. Ain’t none of us coming back through here friends. Live the life! Love you guys.

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I couldn't agree with you more. Live life. Love life. That's why I'm going back to school to do something I'm passionate about and was scared to do. Don't take life for granted. I literally just told my husband how another board member had passed away from this. It hurts! We get to know each other and we are here for each other.  I've been on other boards and it seems like they don't have the same relationship with each other like we do. We are in this together and we will help one another with this journey as much as we can. Thank you to everone reading this. Thank you for all the positive vibes, karma, prayers and hugs. 



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We are going to the mountains more. Every chance we get. We love it.  We’re about 4 hours away. Going to concerts with our daughter and just generally doing more stuff. I’d like to know what others are now doing more.

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Well said. Cancer brings us together. 

Cancer teaches us so much about ourselves.

Cancer opens our eyes, our hearts and reach out to others!

As Tim McGraw wrote about his estranged father nearing death:

" LIVE like you are dying!"


Sending you HOPE and LOVE~



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I also got a big tattoo on my leg. My kidney and tumor was as big as an eggplant. It says” life is just a ride.”





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No one knows how long they will live, with or without cancer. All we can do is live our best each and every day. For us, it's in our faces more. I listen to people complain about petty things. We don't have time for that. I feel tired from my meds and sometimes feel sad I can't do everything I would like to do. I try to remember that I'm still here and have lots of living to do. I try to focus the energy I do have on things I enjoy. My family, friends, nature, making art. If the dishes don't get done, oh well... I think of all of you all too and hope we can all find so me peace and joy in each day.

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After that initial slap in the face you feel when you hear the "C" word....and the initial wondering/fear....a lot of stuff with life becomes so clear.  I've made the conscious decision to make a few changes in my life:

1.  I got out of a long-term relationship that my therapist says was definitely mentally abusive.  Now I'm seeing someone who is so incredibly giving, caring, genuine and fun that it's ridiculous.

2. I don't sweat the small stuff.

3. I try to have more 'experiences'.  Living in New Orleans...that's pretty easy to do.

4. I try to spend more time with people who mean a lot to me

5. I don't feel (as) guilty about doing things for myself or buying myself things.

6.  I just enjoy.

That diagnosis puts things into a perspective that is hard to find otherwise - perhaps it's the single halfway decent thing that comes from the "C". 

Everyone take care - we're all in this together whether we stay clear or have some orther hurdles down the line.


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I was diagnosed early in Feb. this year. Problems started in Oct. '17. Even last year at Christmas time, the thought crossed my mind if it would be the last one or not. Edging ever closer to one more!

What I've done and just finished, is getting to see all my siblings, all my children and grandchildren. It was both awesome and bittersweet. I felt it was my "Goodbye" trip to see everyone. Yet I could not utter the words. Instead I told everyone, "See you next time." In the beginning, I was morose and feeling it would be the last time I see any of them. That still could be the case. Or not!! None of us really know anyway, with or without cancer. We are all dying regardless, with or without cancer. We are now much more aware of it than we ever were before, and the odds are stacked against most of us that we will live to a ripe old age. 

Great post and thanks for yours and everyone else's insights. Love reading all of it and hearing about your lives. Glad for the changes made that make your lives happier! That's always nice to hear.

I have more work to do. We are still a work in progress no matter our age or situation. 

Yes, just enjoy. Jim, you got it spot on!

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Cometh the hour

Cometh the Man

What a powerful Post

Indeec the lost Of Dave is shocking 

Man Down... one of us missing in Action

We hope we helped to carry his pain a little over his journey  but his loss hurts

A good man taken away by this:

 Dave was amazing and You are all amazing and I feel so lucky to have found you all

i just hope Fox can feel our arms round him..helping him  as he helped so many people on here


in the early days I was catatonic with fear... it’s not the way to live or to be honest the way to die... as taught by Fox... hugs

thank you all for your strength 



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Wise words, Crash! 

I have always said that the silver lining of this disease is that it has brought us all together. There are such kind, sweet people on this forum that have helped me cope and learn. The support is tremendous. 

We need to continue on and remember what really is important....and so many of the people we love here on this site have shown us just that.

Big hugs to all our friends here on CSN.


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...wise words indeed.  I'm trying really hard to limit the garbage and negativity in my life.  Always seeking-out good experiences and keeping only good, caring, supportive people around me.  Ohh, how this awful disease opens your eyes.  Carpe diem

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