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Six month scan results

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It’s been six months since my last encounter with the University of Michigan Health System, Cancer Center. The blood draw area was all new. New design and reinvented. They had numbers now, instead of calling you by name. They also explainef that they can’t leave an IV in and use it for both the CT scan and blood draw. This really didn’t make sense to me? It meant two pokes and bruises, but I’m sure they probably collect more from the insurance too?

Unfortunately it was busy as I remember too. As I walked by the infusion area i was saddened by how busy it was. And i wondered how i managed to get through 53 different chemo treatments. And wondered if I could do more if my results were not good.

This six month visit was somewhat under the radar. Only my wife and i knew i was going. My kids and family didn’t know.  I didn’t share that it was time for a check up, nor did i share the results. And i wonder if i should?

Anyway, here I am sharing with my fellow warriors in this battle against Cancer,

All good news.

I managed once again to NOT throw up from the contrast injection.

2. CEA continues < 1.0

3. Scans show no sign of metastatic cancer.

So I continue NED status since cancer Surgery 7 on December 5, 2014.

Thanks be to God!

My blog: http://PScamihorn.me

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So happy for you! BTW, the contrast is thicker, so they have to use a bigger needle. But, if I remember correctly, when they gave me a new one for the contrast when I was in the hospital for 19 days, they continued to use the IV for vitals and such as long as it continued to work. I had 7 or 8 IVs during my stay. 

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So wonderful to hear this. Good for you.


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Such great news!  Very happy for you!  May you continue to be forever NED!!

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I just looked at your profile It says that you had inoperable liver mets in 2013. What happened with that? I am asking because hoping your answer gives me hope as that was 5 years ago. I finished chemo and post scan has 4 spots that are inoperable in my liver. Oncologist went in vacation right after telling me, so lots of time to panic while waiting for him to get back so I can get the full abdomen and chest pet scan to see how much has actually spread.

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The Erbitux drug worked remarkedly good for me. Shrunk the tumors considerably allowing for surgery. I truly believe I was very Blessed. I know there were a lot of very spiritual people praying hard for me. And surely I had good doctors and nurses at UMHS. 

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 running around emoticon Absolutely ecstatic to hear your news, Phil. 

And, this is what I think of needles, let alone two in one day.


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Phil, am so happy to see this news from you. Like Abita, I have questions. Will pm you, fellow Michigander.

Here's to many NED years ahead for you. -Beth

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Congratulations I am very happy!


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Nice to have NED back in the house.

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So awesome for you to hear such good news! 

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such great news! Very happy for you!!

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That is awesome news and now it's time to share it with everyone you know.  Go celebrate - and not with contrast LOL.  Thanks for sharing.


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  Survival is a a series of small victories that leads to the final cured. Wishing you continued good luck and good health on your journey. Ron.

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That's very good news.  May we take your lead.

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Congratulations from FL!

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Yippee!!  Keep sharing that good news Phil...


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Joan M
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I am inspired by your story and think of you and the others on here doing so well and beating the odds.  

Very happy you find the time to come back online and let us know there is hope. 



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