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It's so anticlimactic...

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I read messages from Fox and news about Dave.  Then I go in for my 12 year check up and get to come out with good news.

To say my road has been easy is just plain, not true.  But somehouw, I have come out of the tunnel with another NED.  I say 12 years, but the little sh*t popped up at years 11 and 10; and I have had a few scares along the way.  So all is right with the world, for now.  My ONC nurse said I'll see the Doc next time, but won't have a CT.  They aren't doing those as often because of the excess Radiation that I've been given over the years.

In other news:

-My husbands back surgery in April has gone well-second one is the charm.

-My youngest grandson graduated from HS and is starting University this week.  He'll be playing soccer.  And older brother leaves this week for study abroad in Australia and comes home in 5 weeks to find a job and get ready to begin his Jr. year at the University.

-My sons 2 girls go into 7th and 9th grades and we'll be filling the calendar with volleyball games and music concerts for them.

-Me..I finally got out of the doldrums after last fall's series of tests and more tests, plus fighting with the hospital and other medical offices so that I was treated like a real, live customer and not just a number on a chart.  The weather has been warm to work in my yard, but have to watch out for the smoke.  Smoke from fires in Britixh Columbia, Washinton, and central Oregon are being funnelled right to the coast, now.  And when the Hi & Low pressures change, we get smoke from California and So. OR.

For all of you on the board, blood work and CT's become a way of life.  It's not the test, you get anxious over, it's the results.

So,  take care of yourselves, be nice to your family and friends, read a good book, and kick back and relax.

Hugs to all,


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So glad to hear good news, Donna_Lee. All the very best to you and your family.

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Brilliant News

You are one hell of a gal 

cant  imagine how tough it has been

but heres to the next 12


love to hubby..he must  be a great guy


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Donna, I'm so glad to hear your great news! You were one of the first people on this board to reach out to me and give me advice and encouragement at a very scary time in my life.

May you continue to be blessed with great scans and wonderful news!


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Awesome news Donna. 

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You will be fine if you keep staying older than ice agewise.






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Great to read, this, Donna! Love the good news!

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After the year you've had dealing with all the scan issues, I sure am glad you got some good news.  Thanks for sharing with us.


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Great to hear your good news!  Then again, you're one tought cookie and we never expected less!  Keep on keeping on for many, many more years to come.

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Way to go, Donna! May this continue on and on!

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Congratulations to one of our wise elders! :-)

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You are so helpful on this board. Here's to many more years!

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Fantastic news!

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Appreciate you and your shares. It's hopeful for me to hear long term good news is possible.



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Good news and enjoyable post about just living life. Thanks

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Always love to hear good news!  It's quite a journey all of us have embarked on, that's for sure!


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anti-climactic is the way I want things! Happy for you :) 

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So thrilled to hear that you had some super well deserved good news! Enjoy and thanks for sharing!!

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