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NEW here cysts and mass getting Davinci

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hi I’m new and have read many of the heart wrenching stories on here. CT in early 2017 found 2 cysts and a mass, incidental findings. Several doctors later and more CTs, ultrasound and MRI, finally sent to a urologist surgeon. We did CT and repeated 6 months later. I have one small fatty cyst upper pole, another mid, and an enhancing mass 1 cm lower pole. Said it was rare to have both types on same kidney. I could have waited again but wanted to get it over with.

they all appear exophytic so one cyst and mass will be removed and the smallest cyst frozen.

I’m already getting anxious and going to the dentist last week and today made it worse. Due to several past hospital stays due to trauma, my body reacts even though mentally I’m okay with it and really like this surgeon. I call it ptsd. At my last appt I asked about getting something to take before getting there and he said they would give me something when I got there. At my preop I found I’ll be in a room for an hour before they give me the iv med. so I called his office today asking for xanex and nurse repeated he does not prescribe. So I called my primary and of course he’s out all this week so I have to get it from him next week and my surgery is the following Monday.

prior to surgery and pain are my worst anxiety makers. They don’t offer patient button to self administer so I have to ask the nurse for it each time. I detest that. 

Anyways, I have a relative who will stay with me.

why would a surgeon not help treat patients with procedure anxiety. I get anxious just writing this down

I also have chronic fatigue, chronic pain, high Sed rate, bone on bone osteoarthritis in both knees. I’m 54 active outdoors with my Ranch and work from home full time work.




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Bay Area Guy
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We come to the board Himalaya.  A couple of comments for you.

1. I think many doctors are reluctant to prescribe psych meds these days, particularly when they don’t Know the patient’s full history.  I had already been prescribed Xanax by my primary before my kidney cancer merry-go-round.  In my case, I take it when I fly as it takes the edge off.

2.  At 1cm, your mass is smaller than mine was and mine was considered a baby lesion.  I also have cysts on both kidneys.  You prognosis afte4 surgery should be excellent.

3.  As for the robotic surgery, mine was very easy.  Others have reported differently, but I had very minimal pain after the surgery.  It was more like a pulling sensation at the incision sites.  I arrived at the hospital at noon the day of the procedure.  The procedure was at 3PM and I was being woken up by my niece screaming in my ear at 7PM.  Then I was released the next day at 130PM.  

4.  full recovery, in my case, took about eight to ten weeks.  I define full recovery as back at the gym on a daily basis.

Best wishes for a boring surgery and a quick, minimal pain recovery.

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thanks although I’m excited about the robot part, like you say hopefully the rest is boring.

im worried about the long recovery though as I have a lot I want to do around my farm.

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Since you have spent some time reading previous posts, you know that the anxiety you are feeling is completely normal.  The diagnosis of possibly having cancer hits you like a big truck.  Like Bay Area Guy mentioned, at 1 cm your tumor is very small.  A good, long-term prognosis is excellent.  Try to relax and count us as part of your support team. 

Wishing you the best,


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