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What's next.....

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Joined: Apr 2018

I just completed 12 weeks of aggressive treatment opdivo/yervoy. I was having joint pain and my oncologist wanted to be sure it's not due to my cancer. I had a radical nephrectomy 3/8/18 twot weeks later I suffered a PE and one and a half months later I found out my cancer had spread it deteriorated my spine invaded my lungs and liver as well. I then had surgery on my spine and after that I began treatment. I was told my cancer was agressive the surgeon that completed my biopsy told my family he was really sorry but my cancer was very aggressive. I put everyone's thoughts about my cancer aside and focused on what made me happy my kids family friends. Today I had scans to see where I stand and what my cancer is doing. I get my results Friday please keep me in your prayers this journey has been so difficult and painful and exhausting, I'm hoping for good news this time. 

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Praying for awesome results!!

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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You are so in my prayer.  I hope that g-d shines down on you with good test results-June

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Sending all positive healing vibes! I'm glad your on here giving us updates. You are one strong women. *hugs* to you and your family. 

Take care


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Good luck, I’m hoping for the best for you!

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Canadian Sandy
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Prayers being sent. You’ve had a rough time of it and hope you get some good news. 

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Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts to you and your loved ones.

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Amy Jo - I have been praying for you. Our situations are very similar - nephrectomy in April, metastasis in May (very aggressive growth in lungs and tumor in thigh), PE in June and on ipi/nivo.  I have completed 3 of 4 with my final infusion next week and the scans coming shortly after that.  I pray for healing and strength.  I pray for your family.  I pray that God comforts you while you wait for the results and that he continues to carry you through whatever comes next. I really hate this disease.  Good luck ... I hope you have great news on Friday.


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Senting prayer to you and Mark, praying for the best result for your treatment.

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I've been wondering how you're doing. Hang in there, I think the waiting is the hardest. Sending you healing thoughts! Smile

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Thank you all for thinking of me. I have been so strong through all of my ordeals I've never been one to sit and cry. My God has been so great to me I couldn't walk at one point and standing was excruciating due to the damage to my spine. I may not be able to run or jump but I can stand I can walk again. No matter what may come for me I feel victorious like I stuck it to my cancer. Doctors just looked at me and said I'm so sorry there's no cure. I will continue to pray and ask God for healing and strength. No matter what my scans may say I will keep fighting. Thank you all for cheering me on. Steph you have been so kind. Mark I hope your treatment is working wonders for you I think of you often our journey has been quite similar.  

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Praying hard for you this week. Praying for peace of mind and comfort and, of course, great results!

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Amy Jo, keeping my fingers crossed for good results for you!

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You got it! You and Mark are always in my thoughts. We all have a very aggressive kind of cancer, but yours and his are more similar. I have a scan on the 20th and get results the 28th. I sure hope both of your guys' treatments work. I hate this disease, too. But we roll with it as best we can, as hard as it may get. Keep us posted, both you and Mark David.

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Sending prayers your way  

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Good luck. I sometimes feel guilty that I have been clean for four years.   I hope it all works out for you and your family.

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Joined: Mar 2017

Absolutely will be praying for you AJ And Mark.

Posts: 403
Joined: Nov 2016

For good news, for strength and peace as you wait.

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I'll be thinking of you during mid day Eucharist Amy Jo 

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Joined: Sep 2017

And prayer for you Amy_Jo!!!

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You are in my thoughts.


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Your attitude is wonderful and one that will make all the difference! Stay positive and strong!!

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How were your results? Said a prayer for you. Really appreciate what you're going through and your posts. Please update us on how you are doing.

Thinking of you,


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Thank you for thinking of me. Last scan showed lesions in both lungs groin liver and spine Mets. My scans from last week showed my lungs are all clear and the groin met is gone as well. Lesions in my liver are shrinking the Mets on my T and L spine are large but stable. I haven't felt very good since having my scans and the following week I had treatment. I'm feeling zapped more than normal. I'm wondering if the contrast and nuclear medicine are making me feel this way. Hoping tomorrow is a better day. 

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Keeping you and you family in my thoughts and prayers. Lots of strength and courage for you my friend.

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