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Good Day Everyone, It has been only two weeks and three days since my Radical Kidney Nephrectomy and I have been walking continuously since coming out of recovery room at the Hospital (as soon as I got to My Hospital room I got up and walked one lap around the whole 4th floor and continued every 2 hours until I left) . When I got home I started walking 3 - 4 miles a day. After 17 days I have gained 35 pounds and my upper Abdomen is bloated and hard. I haven't been able to walk for long periods for 6 days and when I try to walk my stomach protrudes more and is painful. This extended Upper Abdomen condition started immediately after I ate my First Meal in the Hospital (3 days after surgery), and has not stopped growing!!  I am not eating any differently than before I went into the Hospital !

I lost 200 pounds and 32 inches anround my waist in the last 2 years, to be able to have the operation and in two weeks I have gained 35 pounds and 8 inches around my waist !!!!!

Is This Bloating and Weight Gain Normal ????? 

Is there something I am doing wrong ??

I really can use some input !!!!

Thank You, Brian

(going out to walk now)

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I had some gas bloating from the surgery but it passed in a couple of days from the moving and walking. If you haven't contact, your Dr. If you have concerns on your health let them know. Be your own advocate because they are probably too busy to follow up. Good luck

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Thank You ! I just don't want to be doing something wrong.

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I stayed swollen for quite a while and I too was walking constantly. I basically had no waist for a few weeks. I think it takes a bit longer for that to go away. I don't remember weight gain but it's possible that it's fluid retention since we're told to drink so much water after surgery. Do see your doc if concerned.

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Thank You !!  This is just plain SCARY !!!  Operation on 7-20-2018 - Today - 30 pounds heavier and 6 inches bigger around waist with gut hanging over !! It looks like I have a BEER GUT !!!! 

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My stomach where my incision is bulges out quite a bit more than normal.  I'm pretty overweight to begin with, but it's even worse than before surgery.  It's hard and hasn't gone away.  I'm living with it for now.  I had an open surgery, so my scar is about 10 inches long.


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I'm not sure what type open or robotic surgery you had however during surgery I had complications my surgeon had to remove my intestine to get my kidney out then pack it all back in. This causes major inflammation. Which takes time to heal. I had my surgery almost 6 months ago. I still have tenderness and nerve pain. Your intestines also need time to wake from surgery and get back to normal. Thats great you are able to walk and move around. I would contact your surgeon just to be safe. My office had a triage nurse that you can consult. Good luck to you. 

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I would for sure get checked. That doesn't sound right at all to me. I think you'd much rather be safe than sorry. Please get it checked and don't assume everything is ok. It may well be ok, or it may not be.

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Hi. My stomach swelled for a good 3 months after the nephrectomy. If I walked or did too much it felt and looked like I was instantly pregnant. You are still quite fresh out of surgery so please give it lots of time. Take care.

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