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We saw the surgeon Monday, oncologist today

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so the surgeon was crazy positive. He told my husband that he thinks there is only one tumor in his bile duct down at the bottom. He thinks it’s been there for a long time. Last year when he went jaundice the other oncologist told him it was the liver tumor pressing the duct but the surgeon disagrees. Now looking at things he didn’t have access to before he thinks fir sure it was this tumor. He believes the original stent helped and the chemo got in there enough to shrink it. The removal of the stent before surgery and lack of chemo for 3 months was enough time have it grow enough to be an issue. In his opinion the hai pump will disintegrate it and it will disappear. I hope he is right. Pathology confirmed colon cancer not a new cancer that was good as well. 

The Sloan oncologist today said she has never had anyone have a tumor in the duct. That didn’t make me happy, rare is not good. She didn’t say much about what she thinks but said they would continue with the hai pump. She did give him half a dose this time though to be sure he can tolerate it. His numbers are almost normal so that is great, he feels good, looks good. I am not as scared anymore I still think we have trouble ahead but I don’t think it’s as immediate as I thought.

thank you everyone for the support you give. We are going away for a few days next week to vermont hoping it gives us a chance to be together without outside stress. I am most looking forward to a few days without rabbit cages to clean (we have 3) dog hair to vacuum, my yellow lab should be bald by now! Lol 

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That sounds like a good report and that doctor is positive that it seems to be looking up.  Go away for a couple days - and enjoy every moment of it.  You both surely deserve it.  It's great that you are taking the time to get away.  Glad he feels better and you are less anxious about the whole situation.  Enjoy your time away from home, and chores, and just enjoy each other.

Hugs!  Kim

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Ruth, I am so relieved for you and your family. Enjoy the Vermont trip. Hope is alive for you all. How wonderful. 

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Ruth - So glad for the positive feedback and that you all can take a deep breath for now.  Enjoy your time in Vermont.  We are actually headed there ourselves this weekend too. Safe travels. Small world... Smile


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I coincidentally came accross this article about bile ducts: https://www.casereports.com/article/S2210-2612(18)30248-7/fulltext

I do not know if it relates to your husband's condition, but there appear to be quite a few articles on pubmed that you might want to read if the surgeon is not familiar with the condition.

Best of luck, congratulations on the good news, and I hope you enjoy your weekend away.

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the oncologist is not.  He can not be surgically resected right now since it’s only been a few months since the last one. That article (:

thank you though!

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Sorry, I did not read beyond the title of the article.  But there are plenty more articles on pubmed, I am sure with better results.  My apologies again.

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I am so happy for you Ruth. It's about time you hear something good!!!! Enjoy Vermont with your hubby and with less burden to boot! 

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So glad you got some good news!   Enjoy your time in Vermont.

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