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DLBCL not complete remission after 4 rounds of R-EPOCH

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My husband 31 yo has been through 4 round of the DA-REPOCH. After a CT-scan, the doctor said one site is still visible (1.9cm dropped to 0.4cm now) although the others are not visible from the CT-SCAN. This does not meet the remission definition and thus she suggested to do another 4 round of treatment as opposed to the planned 6 rounds.


Does this happen to anyone? Not reach a complete remission and extend the treatment cycle? Has anyone done 8 cycle? We are little worried about the intense lengthy treatment will beat him down.

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my scans were clear after 4 rounds but I was told at Duke to take 2 more rounds to be sure. That has worked for me. In remission2.5 years

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