First PSA Test

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Well, I got the results of my first PSA test today.  I go to see my doctor on August 3.  I will be 4 months post RP this July 20th.  My Gleason was 4+3=7.  For your reading enjoyment and comments, here are the results:



< OR = 4.0 ng/mL



The total PSA value from this assay system is

standardized against the WHO standard.The test

result will be approximately 20% lower when compared

to the equimolar-standardized total PSA (Beckman

Coulter). Comparison of serial PSA results should be

interpreted with this fact in mind.


This test was performed using the Siemens

chemiluminescent method.Values obtained from

different assay methods cannot be used

interchangeably. PSA levels, regardless of

value, should not be interpreted as absolute                      

evidence of the presence or absence of disease.


  • MK1965
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    Excellent result! Wish you more of the same!


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    Great News

    Great news and hopefully many more.

    Dave 3+4

  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    You are smarter than most, lighter. I see you as a winner in this game, sort-term and long-term.  Just a feeling. I don't know why, but my hunches here over the years have usually been spot-on.

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    So far

    So good; you must be relieved!

  • VascodaGama
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    I believe you are celebrating the good result. Let's hope it stays that low forever. I wonder if you have recovered totally by now.

    Let's have a Martini and enjoy the sunset.



  • lighterwood67
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    Thanks for all the positive comments.  Yes, I am relieved.  Hopefully, it will stay low.  I told my wife looks like I am good for the summer.  Let's go camping.  Also, thank you folks for putting your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge of this cancer on paper and in this forum.  We open Johari's window, our private pane for the betterment of folks who share a common cancer.

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    Wow! Thats excellent PSA post

    Wow! Thats excellent PSA post RP! Hope it stays that way forever, Lighter! Very happy for you and your family!