And the results are in..

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So the circus came to town and left Uncle NED behind!

The pathology is in and the results are inflammation of fibrous tissue not malignant!

I am so relieved. I hope you all have a great 4th and are safe and well




  • Glidergal365
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    That is fantastic news!!! <3 

  • donna_lee
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    A long wait,

    but the news was wonderful to hear/read.

    Hugs    And you don't need fireworks tomorrow, you can light up the sky with your smile.


  • stub1969
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    That is good news!  Thanks for sharing!


  • daisybud
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    Great news

    Happy for you!

  • Bryn1108
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    Best news ever


  • Nanaof10
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    Awesome news!

    Keep on kicking it Cin!

  • Great news.  Congrats.  Uncle

    Great news.  Congrats.  Uncle Ned making the rounds.

  • icemantoo
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    Great news.  Congrats.  Uncle

    Great news.  Congrats.  Uncle Ned making the rounds.

    All that



    ---over nothing.

    However given what you were looking at, it had to be done.


  • Bay Area Guy
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    Fantastic news Cin.  It makes

    Fantastic news Cin.  It makes up.....just a little.....for teh hell they put you through.

  • Gtngbtr58
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    Cin cin cin

    NED NED NED thats the way to do it!!! Continued good health to ALL-June

  • Manufred
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    Good news

    Happy to hear things turned out OK.  Keep going strong.

  • Tapman63
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    Awesome News!



  • Brock1969
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    So happy 

  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    so so happy for you

    enjoy the 4th

    The British and Irish are cheering for you


  • CRashster
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    you are good.


  • Steph85
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    Fantastic news! Glad that

    Fantastic news! Glad that circus has left town! Time to enjoy the rest of your summer! 

    Take care Cin!


  • APny
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    Super news! Very happy for

    Super news! Very happy for you.

  • marosa
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    Super news!

    Great news to hear!!!

  • JoeyZ
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    Man, oh man! Am I ever glad

    Man, oh man! Am I ever glad to hear it. Awesome!! No go have a fantastic summer!!

  • ImNotDeadYet
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    Awesome news!

    I'm so happy to read this, Cin. I hope the good news was worth the long wait.