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Doctors are recommending whole brain radiation.


Has anyone had a good outcome from whole brain radiation?


Thanks for any feedback.



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Hi rocky1000,

A female friend of mine aged 55 has had whole brain radiation. Now she is quite fit and works as usual.

Good luck to you!


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I am glad to hear you're doing great I'm on my 4th whole brain radiation treatment for brain metastases and I feel completely wiped out and unable to barely move in my body hurts I'm also on keytruda and you tell me if this is expected and will I feel a lot better after the radiation treatment which is only 10 treatments thank you let me know how you think

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Good to hear.  My husband has metasticized brain tumors, called innumerable enhancements.  None of the areas are large but the 2nd MRI showed more innumberable enhancements.  He is almost finished with his 10 treatments.  He has not had chemo during these radiation treatments and has actually had more energy and felt better than before he began.  He is taking medication for memory loss and also steroids.  Your post has encouraged me.  

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Obviously, I don’t know your particular medical situation, but the doctors at my regular cancer clinic also told me that I had to have whole brain radiation. A friend referred me to a different radiation oncologist who felt that, despite of the large size of my tumor, I was a good candidate for stereotactic radiation, which ended up working very well for me. I did have to take Avastin later on for the radiation necrosis, but that worked wonders for me. I would definitely recommend getting a second opinion if you haven’t already done so. Good luck whichever way you go. 

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Have brain mets from Esophugael cancer.  Had surgery to remove 2 brain tumours and been advised that I need whole brain radiotherapy to take care of one other awkwardly placed tumour and some other little ‘seeds’. Haven’t met the radiotherapy consultant yet but my oncologist advised that it will knock 5 or 10 points off my IQ.....?

Also looking at the Internet things like long term cognitive impairment etc are mentioned as side effects of this treatment.

Does anyone have experience of this, is there any medication that can be taken during the treatment to try and combat these possible side effects?

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