So hard to get any rest/sleep

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It's three weeks post op from my partial Nephrectomy and instead of becoming more comfortable,  and getting rest,  I'm feeling exhausted. The wound sites from the robotic surgery are healing very well but below the skin theres almost like a lumpiness. When I lay down to sleep or rest it's almost like body parts inside of me, especially where a majority of my kidney was removed are extremely uncomfortable.  I'm unable to get any continuous rest.. I may have caused some of this myself because The Dr. warned me not to lift anything more than a gallon of milk but with two active children, ages 4 & 8 , I couldn't help myself sometimes. I just had my first follow up from the surgery and there were no signs of hernias so that possibility was eliminated. I don't know if this makes any sense but with a little compression over the uncomfortable areas, I actually feel much better. When I lay down now I'm wedging a long pillow geside me and it's been a big help. I'm trying to adjust to what my new "Normal" will be but the lack of sleep has made it very challenging..Stay well everyone and taking it a day at a time......


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    Give it time

    Three weeks is not a long recovery period.  Give things time, you'll be all right.

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    You're still healing

    Your body was just hit by a train. And your a care taker for small children too. Your gonna need to allow yourself some more time to heal mentally and physically. Hopefully the better sleeping will come soon if it doesn't maybe ask the Dr about it in a follow up. Hopefully you get a good night's rest starting today. You've earned it for sure.

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    for weeks

    I slept on a stack of pillows. Very uncomfortable, but it gets better. Mine resulted in a large hernia at my surgery site that will need to be fixed soon. Be careful.

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    Same as above




    Give it time, you are still healing, it will get better.. I was back to a slow normal in about 6 weeks. At 11 months I waterskied.



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    I was back in my bed about a week after surgery.  I had to remember the nurses directions for getting up from a laying down position, but it was doable.  It seems strange that you are having this level of discomfort at three weeks out--In my experience I was feeling pretty good at this point after my robotic partial.  Have you talked to your doctor about this?  If it continues, I'd give the office a call.

    Good luck!


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    Yes your body

    Has had a major shock and is a little sluggish after surgery-Ask your Dr for something to help you sleep if it doesn't intefer with you caring for the kids-sleep is so important easpecially when your healing. Take it slow and easy if you can and it'll all with g-ds help fall into place-June

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    I slept on my recliner for

    I slept on my recliner for the first month. I to hurt myself picking up my 2 yr old to change his diaper.  Didn't think about itbut the sharppain I got was a great reminder to never do that again! Be kind to your body, it went through a lot! Things will get better, just takes time. My UO did mention to me that some of the pain and numbness may be there for awhile. Nothing like in the first few weeks. I still have a little pain especially where the internal sutures are. 

    Take care,



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    Thank you all,

    Thank you all,

    I know it's early, the helplessness is a tough to deal with but I try to stop myself before I actually hurt myself by overdoing everyday activities. We're going through a heatwave here in Massachusetts and the look on my kids faces brought me to trying the beach, carefully, but I paid the price for it. I grew up on the beach living 100yds from the ocean. I thought why not, a beach chair, cool ocean breeze and relaxing walks could be great therapy. It didn't quite work out that way but my 4 & 8 years olds took care of daddy real well. I seem to only find a little relief in a recliner as well. The largest source of discomfort is from the right flank area. Like laying in the bed and finding out the remote controller found its way under my back. I have a Nephrology appt beginning of next week, I'll pick his brain and hopefully its all due coarse...

    I can't thank everyone enough for allowing me to share and pray we all heal well...