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so scared

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At the age of 46, my husband was diagnosed with clear cell kidney cancer last March and had a partial in April. He suffered internal bleeding after the surgery and had to go through an angioembolization procedure to fix the blood vessels. 

His tumor was 3*4, in the center of the kidney with invasion to the surrounding fat tissue. therefore it's t3a.  

He had blood work, chest x-ray and MRI last octorber and things were good. He seems to recover well. 

But last night, he told me that after running 5 miles at gym, he spotted blood in his urine and a urine test confirmed "moderate blood" found in his urine. 

It's like nightmare all over again. We have two kids, 10 and 4. 

He contacted his doctor and will see him next friday. we are going to call on Monday to see if he can get seen earlier. 

I am so scared, even more scared than last time. I didn't sleep much last night, but there is not much we can do now. I am panicking. Right now, he went to the recycle center with our kids, i am staying at home, crying my eyes out. 





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I'm so sorry you're going through this again. Try to keep in mind that blood in the urine could be from anything, including passing a tiny stone or bladder infection. It's also possible that the blood vessel they embolized reopened. Keeping you in my thoughts and fingers crossed.

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Yes I also read what you said online. They even mentioned that runners may have blood in urine for reasons unknown. I will try to stay positive. They are coming back so i need to wipe my face dry now. Thank you and good luck to you!

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In fact, I was told that a majority of blood in the urine type of situations are more benign than serious. We all try to play doctors with online information, but I would go with a few things here: 1. The last report that said all looked good and 2. If the doctor was truly worried about your husband he would probably have asked that he come in immediately. Without definitive facts at this point, try to go with the positive possibilities even though the mind wants you to go the opposite direction. Sending gpood vibes and thoughts 

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He recently had a check up so if there was some issue, you can assume it would be too soon for anything else to show up so likely not where your mind goes. Being a cancer surviror, a recent one, the fear is real but you will learn over time that not all things are bad.


Lots of love

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---can cause blood in the urine from a broken blood vesse; Running 5 miles is strnous excercise. Lets hope it is just that.




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Bay Area Guy
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Agree with ice.  I'm a runner and I had microscopic blood in my urine at one of my physicals back in 2013.  Hoping for the best for him and for your whole family.

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I'm with Bay and Ice on this one.  If he was running hard it definiately could cause some blood in his urine.  Keep us posted on his results.


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yes, as previous posters said, not all things mean cancer recurance. 

But I can imagine yoyr worries, and that nothing we say here will calm you down.

Can yiy get at least a USG done sooner, to calm you down?



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try not to panic until you see the doc. Im sure he’s ok.

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We all seem to fear the darkest before we have all the information we can get. The waiting is going to be awful. Sending good Karma and positive thoughts to you, your husband and your kids until you get some good news.

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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I'm hoping that it's just another little kink in your husban''s road to recovery.  Sounds like it could be related to the blood vessel surgery it would makes sense.  Until the appointment think positive thoughts- we're all rooting for you-June

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Thank you all of you for your kind words. I will try to stay calm. It's easier during the day with the kids keeping me busy. But at night, all kinds of thoughts just race through my mind. I guess everyone here has been there. 

We live in a rural area so we went to a hospital 5 hours away for his surgery and recheck. That's where we are going this Friday. His doctor doesn't have an opening earlier.  My husband will have a CT and a cystoscopy.  

Again thank you all! Wish everyone here the best! 

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Just want to update -- 

He had CT, cystoscopy and chest x-ray. they didn't find anything. The doctor said a lot of times there are no explanations for blood in urine. 

Thank you all for your support! It helped me go through last week. Thank you!



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Very good news, so happy for you

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Great news. So happy it turned out to be nothing. Now you can relax!

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Hello folks: I found this site yesterday while searching for experiences of others in my age group (I'm 73, male) who are being treated with Votrient for stage IV renal cell carcinoma. Any shared information regarding your experiences would be most welcome. I'm taking 400 mg. Votrient daily, with no worse than moderate side effects: fatigue, muscle aches, stomach disorders, whitening of skin and facial hair. Nothing intolerable. Still fairly active and enjoy frequent walks of up to 3 miles here in NW Washington state. Last 2 CT scans showed reduction in size of nodules in lungs. Thanks in advance for thoughts and insights you can offer. 

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Eljack, so sorry you have to be here but glad you found us. Why don't you start a new thread with your question? That way more people would see it and share their experiences with you. 

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