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Update from Graycloud - almost 5 months post surgery

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Hey everyone:

It's been awhile since I've posted on my husband' progress.  In a nutshell, he's doing fantastic!  We just got back from a 3 week trip to Europe - walking miles everyday through 7 countries!  You would never know he had surgery less than 5 months before we started this vacation.  He packed his suitcase prepared for "anything his bladder threw his way"!  He finally realized mid-trip that he's only using one light pad a day and it's dry except when he's doing heavy exercise.  He never had to get that "extra pad" out I always packed in my backpack.  And, he wasn't rushing to find a bathroom when the urge hit - he's just about back to normal in being able to calmly find a bathroom!   It's amazing how he's progressed since February. ED issues have improved to where he's just about back to his normal self.  No complaints from either of us there.

I don't think I mentioned that he went to MSK in NYC for a followup with Dr. Sandhu, urology specialist, right before we left the country. His ultasounds were normal, output and flow were normal, emptying normal.   Dr. Sandhu said that he was progressing far ahead of what's normally expected - 12 month mark.  He literally promised Jim he would be "dry" before he saw him again in September.  We give credit for this progression to his surgeon at MSK (Dr. Edhaie) as well as the 3 months of physical therapy he started a few weeks post surgery. 

I spent some time reflecting on this cancer journey while on vacation.  The past 3 years and especially the past 10 months have been an hellacious ride. The emotional toll of this whole journey is tough not only on you but the loved ones surrounding you.  The worry, the what if's, the decision making, is so tough.  I really feel that I've just been able to finally put my guard down and try to get back to normal.  I didn't realize how tired and worn down I was until I went on vacation!   It's almost like a PTSD scenario - the scenes from the past several months keep flashing in my mind.  Some good/some bad.  The one thing that resonates through it all is the strength, courage, and determination that my husband has shown through this journey. 

We have followup bloodwork in September. Praying everything comes back undectable again!

I pray that everyone facing a new diagnosis and decisions on treatment, etc. will have as good of an outcome as my husband did.  We are so thankful.

Talk soon.  Grayclouds are gone!

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All along I've been calling my RP operation "wildly successful".

After reading how well your husband's surgery went and the amazingly shortened timetable, I will have to change the assessment of my operation to "mildly successful".


More evidence that expertise is essential, and RP and other treatments are increasing in efficacy.

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Good to hear, hopefully many many undetectibles in the future.

Dave 3+4

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Yes, "grayclouds are gone". Congratulations on the zerrrrros.

Best wishes for continuing remission.


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There are a lot of stories about how RP didn't work.  Then you have to go to "salvage treatment" because of "surgical failure."  Personally, makes me feel like I am in a junk yard sometimes.  However, your story is great.  So happy to read the good news.  I am 3 months 9 days after surgery.  I had to pick up some new camper batteries today.  I was wearing shorts; a shirt; and the most important part under armour boxer/jocks with a thin pad on.  I picked the old batteries up (40 to 50 lbs) and swapped them out.  I did not have any leakage.  Getting better every day.  The ED part, my wife says looks pretty much the same to her.  When I see your name on this site "Graycloud", I see Blue Sky.  Please keep posting the good stuff.  Thanks. 






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Leaned new way to open links that ordinarily will not open here:  HIGHLIGHT the entire link address, and it will give an option to "Open" the link....Click on that, and your are in.


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I am glad it worked well for your husband. I wish you many, many zeroos in the future.

Having and feeling some action in ED department at 5 months is very promising and you can see light at the end of tunnel.

It did not work for me. It destroyed me.






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does the "open" come up on the CSN toolbar, or does it come up on your device?

When I highlight a URL, I only get "Cut - Copy - Paste - Select All" on my device.

I'm usually using a Fire Tablet with touch screen. If I want to open a URL, I have to highlight, copy, then paste in the address bar. I don't think my device has that shortcut.



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I am not totally sure how to answer your questions.  Although I was trained in electronics and repaired devices and even systems for decades, my expertise does not extend very much into the realm of software.

Until I upgraded to Windows 10 about a year ago, I could copy and then paste any internet address on to any post here at CSN -- no issues, ever.    Since Windows 10, that never works any longer, although I have not manually changed any security settings, either on my Windows or on my CNS settings.  Each new software issue "automatically" does stuff that used to be manual. Sometimes there is no user means to over-ride these automatic changes; this is true of numerous functions on Win 10.  I used to have all kinds of manual options on the Control Panel for "transfer actross domains," but no longer.

You mentioned Tablets.   Device softwares differ dramatically. I know that my Android phone will not do the same things at a site that my desktop will, not even close.  Tablets may differ also.  We have an older Kindle, and it is primitive, although Kindles were never marketed as having much ability anyway.  Some tablets may be similiar.

My comment yesterday only describes what I have discovered that works for me on my machines to share links.  I highlight the URL (in blue, of course) and then the drop down gives a "Copy" option.   I copy.  

I then go to the Board post that I want to paste on to, and click Paste.  This for me will paste the address there, but it WILL NOT OPEN.  I then have to highlight the pasted link, and right click. This gives me a "Go to https://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" option.  If I (or anyone) clicks on that, the link does work.

I have tried many times and ways to use the "Set as Hyperlink" function on the CNS toolbar.  This used to work for me, but NEVER DOES any longer; I find that tool useless.

So, I have found a work-around.  More than that, I can't much say.  And what works today, in six months no longer will. The cost of "progress."  When the cloud was started for the public, it was bragged about as unhackable. Today, you read about cloud hacks at major corporations daily.   

I hope that helps some. It may be that what you want to do specifically on a Tablet, or some version of a tablet, is simply not doable.


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