Well its done

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Well the third time was a charm. Procedure is finally done. Should have pathology back by end of week.  I'm home but very very sore.

Hope all is well with everyone!



  • icemantoo
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    Great to hear



    Hopefully a lot less painful than the neph.



  • Canadian Sandy
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    Hope your recovery is fast.

    Hope your recovery is fast. Nice to finally have it done.

  • MelBlessed
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    Best wishes

    for a smooth recovery!

  • Retcenturion
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    You've been through a lot

    Glad the procedure is behind you. Have a quick recovery. Hoping you have a positive result.

  • Tapman63
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    Fingers crossed for a quick recovery and positive outcome!



  • Allochka
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    Finally! The worst part is

    Finally! The worst part is over, now take care and get well!

  • APny
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    Glad it's finally over.

    Glad it's finally over. Wishing you a quick recovery and good path results.

  • Brock1969
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    APny said:

    Glad it's finally over.

    Glad it's finally over. Wishing you a quick recovery and good path results.


    for the best Cinn...you hve been on quite the rollercoaster

  • Nanaof10
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    Get lots of rest and take care of YOU! 



  • donna_lee
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    After all the delays

    Now you can relax a bit.  Good luck on results.



  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    So pleased CIN..

    best of luck


  • stub1969
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    Rest, Recoup, and Recover.


  • Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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    All I can say is WooHoo!!!  Continued good health!!! June

  • ImNotDeadYet
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    Glad you finally got to do this

    I hope you get the results soon and that it's only good news. 

  • Deanie0916
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    You have a fast smooth recovery.