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Observances, rash on legs and other symptoms pre diagnosis... hmmm.

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My husband got a rash on his legs and went to doctor Nov 2015. Three months later they came back saying it was a fungal thing. He also had a big toenail with a long dark lines down it. After the kidney removal last week, the rash has completely gone away and the toenail dark lins have disappeared. I assume his kidney tumor must have started around then and his immune system was compromised. Also I was reading that in Chinese medicine they treat the heart and kidney as a team. What brought him into the ER was a racing heart. The Chinese medicine says if you have a racing heart, to look at the kidneys as well.

Just some interesting observances. 



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I got nail fungas after they yanked out my kidney.



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I had terrible rash after surgery - not sure if anesthesia - more likely oxycodone or whatever pain med they had me on.  I do like thinking about the connections within our bodies.  Makes me wonder about the atrial fibrillation I had a year and a half before diagnosis...  I'm just glad your husband is free of the lines and rash.

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I had fungal infection in my toe nail on left foot. My cancer was in my left kidney. I often had rapid heart rate. My primary physician never linked it. Even after 6 months of night sweats my primary care said I was likely pre menopausal. Wish I would have been more proactive then. I may not be in the situation I'm in now. 

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Bay Area Guy
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TCM also links hearing issues with kidneys.

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I too got a rash all over that looked like lesions with fluid pockets under my skin, arms, forehead, shins, upper arms, chest, it was awful I left like I looked like I had leprosy.  I didn't want to be seen, it was really depressing. Just awful. It itched. It's gone now but has left scars.  At the time my family doctor said it was likely stress related, advised me the discovery and diagnosis is often a shock to your coping mechanisms, to which I thought " yeeeeesssss, clearly I'm aware, thank you for stating the obvious" but I managed to play along nicely as all was well intended.


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