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Prostrate cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

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I have been recently diagnosed with Prostrate Cancer and I am 67 years old. I also have MS. I was diagnosed with MS 4 years ago. In doing my research on what is the best way to treat my Cancer, I ask how does MS effect the choice of treatment. I have not been able to get a satisfactory responce to my question.

So here I am on this forum asking the same question:

Does anyone, that has been treated for Prostrate Cancer also have MS?

What course of action did you take for treatment? Surgery? Radiation? Hormone treatments?

My Cancer is in the early stages.

Thank you 

hopeful and opt...
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I am sorry for your diagnosis. Welcome to this board where we will try to be of help.

Each diagnosis is somewhat different, so there are various active treatments available. There is also an Active Surveillance protocol where one is simply monitored, which you may or may not be eligible for.

in order for us to provide you with information that will be relevant, more information is needed from you. PSA history, digital rectal exam findings (finger wave) HOw many cores taken in thr biopsy; how many cores positive...what was the Gleason of each core that was positive; what was the involvement , that is what was the percent of each of the cores that were positive. Any other diagnostic and image  tests? Results?


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Thank you for getting back to me. 

PSA 4.4

12 samples

5 samples had cancer

B sample 100% Gleason 4+3=7

C sample 80% Gleason 3+3=6

D sample 100% Gleason 4+3=7

E sample 30% Gleason 4+3=7

F sample 90% Gleason 3+4=7


that is what I have now  

I have talked about surgery and Radiation, my concern how will either solution effect my MS  

thank you 


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Since your cancer is intermediate and extensive, there is a possibility that the cancer has escaped the capsule, so I suggest that you ask for a T3 MRI which can show if there is extracapsular extension, that is if the cancer has escaped the capsule, and I would additionally ask for a bone scan, and consider a PETscan for additional diagnostic tests.. This all depends on the medical coverage that is available to you.

These above tests are important to have up front before determining an active treatment.

The side effects from multiple treatment choices are cummulative. Surgery is a localized treatment choice, so if the cancer is outside the capsule you will still need radiation, or a combination of radiaiton and hormone treatment. The perimeter of the radiation treatment can be extended to occur outside the capsule so it is more inclusive than surgery along. Adding hormone treatment to radiation makes the radiaton more effective... If the cancer shows beyond the immediate area, hormone only will be best.

There is high dose radiation called SBRT, of which cyberkinfe is one of the machines that deliver. This type radiaiton is delivered based on the radiation oncololgist choice of either 4 or 5 sessions instead of about 40 with IMRT with comparable results, with no or very little side effects during treatment which last less than two weeks, if every other day, or a weeks time, if daily. As a lay person, i think that this would be preferable to a man with another cronic disease as you have.


I do not know of any of these treatments affecting MS, however I would ask each of the medical professionals that you will visit....


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Thank you for your reply

Had the MRI and it dosen't look that it has left the capsule, Plus had a Bone scan.

I think my Doctors know how to handle my Cancer, But they are having issues answering my questions about MS.

MY Nero is looking into it for me.

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Hasn't gotten any responses; probably because your situation is pretty unique. Anyway, you should really ask the MD that is treating you for MS. And, in reverse, you should ask the prostate cancer specialists that you will consult how MS would effect treatment (and vice versa). 

Good luck with figuring out the right path forward.

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Yes i see that is unique. My MS meds may have cause the cancer as the Meds reduce my imune system.

So my jorney contenues.


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