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Dromedary hump or kidney mass?

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Hello, I'm Marcelo from Brazil. I did a  Unenhanced CT a month ago and the results were: Kidneys of position, dimensions and parenchymal thickness within normality, identifying nodular image hypodense and heterogeneous in the anterior cortical of the middle / lower third of the left kidney, measuring 1.5 cm, indeterminate Unenhanced CT. So, I got the pictures and show for two different urologists and both of them told me that the tissue of nodular image is the same as the cortex, probably dromedary hump kidney. After that I did US that shows the tissue of renal cortex is the same of this slight loubulation on my left kidney. The doctors advised keep control each 6 months and evaluate if the lobulation will grow (according to them, probably not). May I keep the confidence that is not a nodular tumor? Both of them told me that I can also do an enhanced CT to keep my mind free of this issue, but they are not care about the risk of tumor.


Any experience or advise?


Thanks a lot,



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A little hard for us to guess on this end where your doctors are uncertain. The important thing is that it is small. You may still have a watch and wait even with contrast because it is so small.  No one right or wrong answer at this point.




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