been taking a major hit

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I may not be posting much. Hold the fort. Build the karma.




  • icemantoo
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    Sending good karma

    Sending good karma





  • marosa
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    Always on my thoughts Foxy,

    sending loving vibes

  • jazzgirl
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    Karma headed your way

    and I fly tomorrow - will think of you while in the air.  Holding the fort for you in the meantime.  Take care, Fox -

  • Wehavenotimeatall
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    Irish Karma

     coming Your way... (wonder what your ancestry is)

    think of you and wish  you the best every day

    sure are missed round this parts

    Hurry back



  • Allochka
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    We’ll hold the fort. No

    We’ll hold the fort. No pasaran!




  • Canadian Sandy
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    Thinking of you Fox.

    Thinking of you Fox.

  • Manufred
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    Knows where to go.  Stay strong.

  • foroughsh
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    Sending you healing, loving

    Sending you healing, loving vibes

  • Tapman63
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    Take Care

    ....I hope all the good you've given out on this forum comes back to you triple-fold!


    Best Wishes,


  • Mighty Frog
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    Be Strong!

    Be strong and send all the good karma.....


    Mighty Frog

  • lobbyist0724
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    Hi Fox, sending you good

    Hi Fox, sending you good Karma from Canada, stay strong!

  • BoondockSaint
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    Good Karma coming your way my

    Good Karma coming your way my friend!

  • Angiebby75
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    Sending prayers good Karma

    Sending prayers good Karma and healing. 

  • stub1969
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    We'll do our best to hold down the fort.  Try to check in as much as you can--even short comments mean a lot.  Take care, Fox!


  • ZVM
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    You are a rock

    Sending thoughts, prayers to surround you. Hope to hear from you soon! 

  • APny
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    You're in my thoughts as

    You're in my thoughts as always! Good karma all around xxoo

  • sandy23
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    Been thinking a lot about you

    Been thinking a lot about you.  I was wondering how you were doing.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • penitent
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    Just so you know...

    My family has been keeping you in our prayers.  Keep fighting.


  • daisybud
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    Sending you lots!

  • Cinnamongirl
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    Sending good vibes your way. Keep up the good fight!