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Trigonitis of Bladder, micro hematuria and sometimes hematuria

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Hello all.


I have had a few bladder infections in the past and usually when the urinaylsis came back, it showed microhematuria. I was never sure why. Last summer, I had an episode of blood in my underwear. Not much, but enough to alarm me. I am an endometrial cancer survivor. At first I thought I migth be bleeding vaginally. I saw my Gynecologic Oncologist and he performed a pelvic exam and a vault smear. He said all looked healthy and the smear test came back normal. He mentioned it might be vaginal atrophy, but it sure seemed like it was originating from my urethra.

I have another episode of seeing some blood when I urinate...a very small amount in November.  I call my Primary Care Dcotor and he refers me to a Urologist.


Urologist in early Dec. for a consultation. Microhematuria in urine sample. CT/Urogram of abdomen and pelvis scheduled for mid December. Cystoscopy scheduled for January.  Have the Cystoscopy in January. Ct scan comes back as showing no stones, no masses, etc. in the bladder, tubes or kidneys. Although I have some prominent (not enlarged, I guess) lymph nodes in the mesentery of my bowel. They want me to have another scan in 3-6 months to compare to make sure they aren't growing as this can be a precursor of lymphoma. I have the cystoscopy in January and the Urologist says that he sees nothing suspicious, however, I have Trigonitis. I guess it's similar to Interstitial Cystitis, but the lower floor of your bladder.  Blood one time in underwear later in January.


No blood until last Saturday. Woke to a bit in my underwear.  I had just had a CT scan with contrast to check on some prominent lymph nodes. The CT scan was normal except it showed bladder wall thickening. Would this be because of the Trigonitis? I guess I'm worried that maybe I do have bladder cancer and it's being overlooked. And I wish I could tell for sure where the blood was coming from! The Urologist says he didn't believe there would be any bloody spontaneous discharge from Trigonitis, he also thought perhaps it was from vaginal atrophy.  I am going to start using VagiFem to see it stops any incidences of bleeding.

Another question I have...can this inflammation or thickening of my bladder lead to cancer? I can't figure out why I have it. I do drink quite a bit of Diet Soda. Perhaps that is irritating things. I am going to try to cut way back and drink lots of water.


Thanks for hearing me out and any advice or suggestions are appreciated.  Wishing you all well.

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