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Kombucha to help your belly!

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I just wanted to share my experience in the hope it may help others on this site.  


As as many of you know, Chemo wrecks havoc on your immune system, and your GI system, stomach, intestines, colon etc.  


I have been drinking Kombucha for a few months now, and it definitely has helped me maintain a more normal bathroom routine.  After chemo “FOLFOXIRI” I would often get constipated, then about three or four days after infusion, iI would get the  “Irinotecan  blow out”, absolute clean out of my insides.  

I have been drinking Kombucha everyday, and I have had an almost normal bathroom routine the week after infusion, and everyday after.  It may take a while to get used to the taste, (think wine cooler, or fermented fruit juice taste), but I can not recommend it more highly.  

For about $3 a bottle, you can find it in your grocery store usually in the produce cooler, or refrigerated drink section.  I have tried them all, and I enjoy all of them.

Kombucha has natural yeast strains, and bacteria much like a probiotic pill, but more enjoyable to take.  I think it’s important to balance the good/bad bacteria to get your GI system running the best it can.  


Hope me this helps some of you, keep fighting. 

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I don't like the taste of kombucha, but will try again if it will help me achieve some balance. I had major diahrrea with my first Irinetocan infusion, and then constipated with the second. So frustrating.  I appreciate the suggestion. 

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