non-toxic therapies to consider adding to standard of care

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Provided below are some video links below to a presentation by a Stanford trained oncologist and two researcher who have developed overlapping non-toxic therapies that appear promissing. 

There have been limited clinical testing and a few small trials which indicate that low carbohydrate diets, restricted ketogetic diets in some cases, and short term fasting can lower side effects of chemo and radiation and may have a growth stunting effect on the cancer.       

Oncologist - Dr. Lemanne provides a good overveiw and some of the findings:

Professor Seyfried has been studying the metabolism of cancer for years.  His refined technique, Press-Pulse, is explained starting at about 13 minutes: 

Professor Longo is doing important work applying limited fasting regimes to cancer treatments.   Here, he explains some of the background research:

To summarize - 

Carbohydrate restriction (no simple carbs and sugary foods) is the base.  Also, moderate to low protein. 

More agressive diets use much lower carbohydrates and supplement calories with quality fats.

Limited fasting for 2 or 3 days leading into treatment (chemo or radiation) may lower side effects, and allow for lower doses, making the chemo and radiation more effective.  Fasting can be done with small amounts of food totaling around 700 calories per day (of which 50% is fat). This appears to work very well with radiation treatments. 

Exercise is not mentioned, but studies show that patients who exercise do better.

Avoid high protein.  Avoid excess calories.

Adding hyperbaric oxygen treatment along with a glutamine inhibitor may further kill off cancer.  

These options are non-toxic, a big advantage. Based on animal studies, limited human studies and clinical experience, they can be done with reasonable hope that they will slow cancer growth and make you feel better.