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5 years cancer free!

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Joined: Nov 2013

I have not been on this forum for years but I remember how great it felt when I saw somebody else had conquered this disease. This is not a death sentence.

Don't get me wrong I still get the scanxiety and I sometimes fall into the trap of over-analyzing every little pain but 99% of the time I enjoy every little part of life. 

Remember no matter where you're at in your journey there are people who can help. I suffered some pretty severe depression and anxiety in the year following my diagnosis. It wasn't until I saw a psychiatrist and got on some meds that my life returned normal. You don't have to suffer in silence.


Thank you to all of you who post on here regularly with positive words and Good Vibes. Not everyone who comes here feels comfortable enough to post but there are plenty of people who get affirmation from reading peoples stories. I'm praying for you all good luck!

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful promising news


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Keep on piling up the years. 




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Great to hear! Nice positive post. Thank you.

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Happy for you!

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Joined: Mar 2018

Congrats & all good wishes! Love your story.

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Smitty--thanks for "dropping in" and spreading the news.  We all need a little boost once in a while, and you certainly did just that for me.  I hope you drop in more often to share your wisdom.


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happy for you and thank you for the good news

there has been s lot of newbies recently so  this will be the best medicine for some of us


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I love to hear it! Congrats! 


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Joined: May 2018

So happy for you,and to hear this good news!


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Many many more years of excellent news.  

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Mighty Frog
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Keep it up! ....

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Congrats on being NED for 5 years (and more to come), and also on being able to enjoy life again!  We adore such news!

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Joined: Oct 2017

Awesome news...a great read to start off the work week!  Happy for you.

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Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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Joined: Oct 2017

G-d!!  Continued good health and NEDS for all!!!

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Excellent news indeed!!

Congratulations to you and yours.

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Wonderful! Congratulations and good advice too :-)

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Congrats on the FIVE years with Uncle Ned. Here's to many more...

And thanks for nudge / reminder that we don't have to be invinceable.

All the best -- !

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Congrats on five years. Here's to many more to come! 

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