Nodules in both lungs

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I hope I am in the correct place to post this. Please accept my appology if not. I don't have an official diagnosis as of yet but here is what is going on and could use some feedback. On 4/13/18 I was at ER with a kidney stone and incidental findings on CAT scan were nodules in left lung, the largest being 13mm x 11mm, neoplasm could not be excluded. However just a week prior I had pneumonia in lower left lobe of lung so I was not really that concerned. Just as precaution my primary care physician ordered PET scan as I have a long family history of lung cancer and I did smoke in my younger years. (I am 49 now.) PET found additional FDG avid nodule along posterior pleural margin of the superior segment of the right lower lobe SUV max of 2.54 as well as numerous ones in left lower lobe, one being SUV max 2.14. I have never had any infection that I know of in rt lung, just the one time in left. Also, lab work showed that blood platelet levels very high which is my understanding can be a strong sign of lung cancer. I was referred to pulminoligist who got me in in 2 days because PET scan read "nodule consistant with increased likelihood of malignancy." The pulminoligist said it was not able to be biopsied at this point and is going to rescan in 8 weeks. I am experiencing extreme fatigue, back pain and constipation, nausea and vomitting. I don't know if I am just making myself sick with worry or if these symptoms mean something. I'm confused, scared and feel so alone. My gut instincts tell me that there is something real going on here but everyone just tells me to relax, it's probably nothing. And maybe that is true. I just don't want to be blind sided if I am told I do have cancer. Am I right to be concerned and try to educate myself? It's really difficult to push it out of my mind. Any feedback is appreciated. Bless all of you who are in this fight. I can't imagine what you have been through.


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    I understand your concern however

    Nodules are actually very common. They can be from scarring, infection, inflammation and even arthritis. Especially considering you were just sick with pneumonia, I would keep this in mind. Since they are too small to biopsy and remember only a biopsy can confirm the presence of cancer, the hard thing is you are going to have to wait to see if there is any growth and even then that still does not necessarily mean cancer. The waiting part is the hardest and what it does to the mind and then what the mind does to the body is something else all together. I am not a dr but I would recommend following up with your dr about how you are feeling about all of this. If it is anxiety they can treat that they can also monitor you and make sure if they see any changes that are concerning that maybe they can get you back to see the specialist sooner. Those are just my thoughts anyway. Hope it helps. Sorry you are going through this. I truly hope everything comes back good and negative for cancer. All the best.

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    Nodules in both lungs

    Well I hate to have such a thing in common but I have eight nodules in both lungs and have had kidney removed from RCC kidney cancer in 2009. You can drive yourself crazy figuring out why or what and all that. I think the best is to take it easy and relax and set a time apart each day to analyze dont think about all these tech terms all the time. Oh yeah that FDG you referenced is a radio active sucrose with a short half life that gets absorbed by any mutant cells, they "light up" on PET scans. If I had one piece of advice for anyone it would be that worrying never got anyone anywhere it doesnt change whats going to happen and it can only weaken your