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Gas build up

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my husband has been having major back issues for several months. Due to the chemo and everything else nothing has been done. The family doctor did an x ray and said it looks like gas build up. We are out of town for a few days and when we return they want to do an MRI w/ contrast. We will be having many test at the end of the month, but I don’t think they will be testing this area, but honestly I am not sure how all of that works. nothing was noted about gas build up last month during the PET/CT. 

My husbands belly is hard and looks very full. He just had a colonoscopy in March and all was clear. Any ideas on what could be causing such gas build up? His surgery was in July of 2017. Any suggestions on some relief for him. We are visiting family and he is in so much pain. Has this happened to anyone before. my first thought was another blockage but with the colonoscopy being clear just a short while ago I don’t know what to think of this. Any info would be helpful!!! Thanks

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Scar tissue comes to mind. I'm not saying thats what it is, but just one possibility. 

Does your husband get any exercise? Walking is the best exercise out there, but doing some simple knee ups, either standing or laying on the ground. Nothing vigerous, just movement that might exercise the abdomen. Of course, run it all by the Doctor first, as they say on the packet. 

Is it worse after certain foods?  Keep a food journal and a detailed physical journal. There may be one or a few food items that are causing too much gas. 

I'm hoping its something simple.

It was bloating and that 'hard tummy' that alerted me to my initial diagnosis, though I ignored it until it was almost too late. 

Thinking of you both 


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Some baking soda mixed with water helps me with gas, but I have never experienced what you describe, so it might be best to talk with a qualified doctor about it.

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I'm with Tru about walking because it does help pass the gas, but if that's not really helping and he's not getting better, I'd suggest going to his oncologist and/or surgeon and discussing this issue with him.  I'm not one to rely on a family doctor to handle these types of situations as they have no clue what is going on.  Please get a second opinion especially if he is in this much pain.  Wishing him well.


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Thank you for the input. Try my Husband doesn’t exercise much. This is really a struggle area for me to get him up and moving. i feel after everything happening all at once and then the chemo he just got stuck not doing much at times just flat out refused to even go to the store with me to get in some steps. However, he is now realizing how much this has hurt him now that he has been feeling better and since stopping chemo. I really need to focus on getting him moving more and working On the diet. Hopefully this issue is nothing serious, but I think it has finally opened his eyes that diet plays a major part of health and that he Is 39 and not 19 & can’t eat like a 19 year old.

kim I have emailed the oncologist at MD anderson to discuss this and to see what we need to do here. we just changed local oncologist so I thought it would be best to discuss with MDA and then contact the local doctoR. We will be back at MDA at the end of the month for many test, but I feel this needs to be addressed now to be on the safe side. 


Sandi I remember my mom using baking soda to help with gas and had forgotten about that. It did help husband a little.

thanks for the help all!

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I have had gas issues maybe two or three times during chemo but the went away after a while. I would also second walking or other physical activity as that will help lots of things move on. He really should do some kind of movement despite not feeling like it (I have to often push myself to do something).

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Chemo messes up the inner lining of the intestines Therefore the whole digestion. I finished chemo

almost 5 years ago and I’m still not the same. I have major gas issues, because I can’t digest certain things: onion, garlic, beans, broccoli, fruits and veggies with thick skin.

What made the biggest difference for me is Charcoal capsules Which absorb most of the gas. I take up to 8 a day.

All the best.

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We had an MRI and DH has several issues with his lower back. The L4-L5, L5-S1 and L3-l4. The gas build up is much better and his stomac is not as bloated. We had the talk about him doing exercise and taking better care of himself. he did say a lot of his resistances was a little denial, so that was could he realized that and is dealing with it now. I am not sure what we will do about his back. We go to MD Anderson in about a week and a half and will discuss the back issues with them. I am really concerned if he has to due radiation as his back is already so messed up and how the radiation will impact everything. I just wish he could catch a break. He told me last night if he has to go through radiation & chemo and then surgery he doent know if he can handle this. I know he won’t give up and will do whatever it takes, it’s just heartbreaking to see him discouraged when he is always so positive. I truly believe if his back was hurting so much he wouldn’t be as worried about the possiable treatment. Poor guy is just in so much pain

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Hey can you tell me what back issues he had? And what exactly did the MRI discover?

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Hi Saraaa, basically the issues with his back are bulging disc from the L3,4 & 5. Also the S1. He is in terrible pain, spin is actually crooked and the pain and numbness goes all the way down to his feet. We have no idea what caused this. The Dr. even made the comment that DH wasn’t heavy, not sure if that means anything. this happened about 3 years ago, but he didn’t have an MRI so not totally sure if it was the same Back then. It was resolved then after a few trips to the chiropractoR. Until we know what is going on with the upcoming test and biopsies there isn’t much we can do.

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