Fourth recurrence- Trying radiation this time...any advice

Hi.  Stage four survivor.  Have had bum lymph nodes pop up a couple of times (this is the third time) and we did surgery the last two times to remove (Chemo before the second surgery).  Can't do surgery again.  Going to try radiation and Xeloda.  Nervous, as I am worried the radiation will damage my intestines.  But, I am limited on options.  Any input on how to handle or similar experiences information would be great.  


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    Hello and welcome. And

    Hello and welcome. And congratulations on being a stage four survivor! I'm stage four right now and it's wonderful to hear about survivors.

    Anyway, to your questions. I've had radiation twice on my abdomen and once on my initial tumour. I found radiation to be very easy with zero side effects but some people have a rough time of it. I attributed my not getting burns to having the radiation in the winter and getting into my car with leather seats right after and the cold seats soothing my bum. But I also didn't get burns when I had my abdomen done, either, so no idea. 

    My biggest problem with the radiation is that it has caused a lot of internal adhesions- scarring- in my situation and I'm having issues because of that. I scar badly so this is no surprise but it means I can't have any more. My radiation guy has said he'd only do radiation for me on a palliative basis if I need pain relief when this gets bad. That being said, I don't think it's common for people to scar as badly inside as I do so that's probably not going to be an issue for you.

    I hope this is helpful!


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    Ah, radiation. I could write a book

    You have to worry about more than just intestine damage.  

    Radiation did a number on my hip joints, rectum and vagina. No going back, BUT, I'm alive, so it was all worth it. 

    One thing they stress is not to gain or lose weight, after they measure you up. Radiation is precise, and any kind of weight gain/loss can throw the beam off. I was remeasured several times during my six week run-in with the beam. 

    Some people breeze through radiation. Sadly, it wasn't so for me. 

    I am sorry that you keep having these recurrances. I hope this next set of treatments will do the trick, and you can be NED forever. 

    Welcome to the forum. 


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    Thank you!

    Thank you!

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    I breezed through..

    I breezed through Radiation and Xeloda prior to my Lower Anterior Resection. I didn’t have much pain except for burnt skin. The skin between my tailbone and anus can still get irritated.

    Some people at the Radiation Center had other experiences.

    Good Luck