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squamous cell carcinoma

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I have had the hardest time to get diagnosed. since december i have felt unwell. ive been to doctors. ive been to dermatologist. the doctors only do cbc blood test and quick physical exam and ask a few questions and say im fine or they dont know and send me home. the first dermatologist i saw was private and i showed him a spot i was worried about and he took biopsy and it came back basal cell. before i knew it he wisked me out of the room and never looked at rest of my skin. after that i saw another dermatologist he look at all my back and shoulders  and lower neck and found 2 other small basal cells with dermascope and removed them. since that time i had a horn like thing growing out of small lesion on back of my neck  under hair that he never saw. i tried to get another appointment with him but secretary didnt understand me and wont give me another appointment because i just saw him and im not in danger. in the meantime i have all these other symptoms like sore throat, feeling like lump in throat, swollen lympn nodes under left arm, weak arms, ear pain, muscle twitching etc. i am afraid possibly it is cancer that has spread. i just never realized how hard it is to get a diagnosis. im trying again tomorrow with another appointment at doctor. im so afraid because i read if squamous cell spreads it is very difficult to treat :(

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