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Dismissive doctors?

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Hello has anyone dealt with dismissive doctors before? I'm in the process of getting an accurate diagnosis but my doctor seems less than helpful. I've had an enlarged lymph node on my collarbone for a while now and just noticed 6 more apear all over my neck within the last 3 or so months. My doctor ordered blood tests to rule out infection and they came back normal. She then ordered an ultrasound but just on the one lump on my collar bone. She told me that she's not concerned by the new growths. 

They never biopsied on the lump when I got it checked out the first time. The first doctor dismissed my concerns and said I was tired and losing weight because I was nursing a baby and that she wouldn't do any more tests until I weaned. Needless to say, I found a new doctor and had a second baby. 

I've lost 70lbs in 14 months and I can hardly go more than 3 hours before I find myself falling asleep. This is affecting my life on a daily basis and my doctors seem to dismiss me. How do I push for more testing? 

I am an active (well I used to be) 22 year old woman. There is no way I should be this exhausted. Even if I do have 2 kids. 

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The response of your doctor thus far is unbelievable, ttdub.

While only a biopsy can confirm Lymphoma, your symptoms are highly suggestive of it.  Your amount of weight loss, by itself, warrents thorough investigation.

It is time for Doctor #3.  Sooner rather than later.


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Having said that, the primary I first went to was a replacement for my just-retired doctor of 25 years. I was a male in my mid 50s, with extensive cancer history on dad's side (50% mortality). I had cervical nodes visible from 50 feet away. Then I developed the usual drenching sweats, fevers, more nodes and fatigue. Since it was exactly like mononucleosis, I asked if I had active disease. No test, but blood showed I had it before (I KNEW that!). Another blood test and 2 week wait. Yes, active mononucleosis. Well, that told ME that my immune system had failed, and it had. I was given anti-anxiety drugs for what ended up being stage III/IV lymphoma. I ran for my life. Went to my ENT and things began happening. 

You are very young, and have recently delivered. Weight is gained during pregnancy and lost afterwards, especially after a second child - you must now be chasing the first. Nursing and chasing produce fatigue - no doubt about it. Enough sleep? Fuhgedaboudit! Still, you might visit an ENT who is more familiar withimmune systems and excisional biopsies. 

Also be aware that moms have a "worry gene" and rightly so. However, it can sometimes magnify things out of concern for those two little blessings you have, and we al have a very natural human tendency to lump unrelated symptoms together and assume they all point to one thing. 

I would seek an ENT. And do not Google. Not yet.

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I was told that my initial weight loss and fatigue was due to my first child and then I struggled tremendously to gain any sort of weight with my second. I have been much more assertive as of late and my doctor has scheduled an additional appointment for the begining of May, so hopefully I can get some answers. I had a single node scanned via ultrasound as the doctor specifically told the tech to not worry about the others (for reasons that are unknown to me since they are min painful and even larger than the ine that was scanned) and then originally said that she wasn't going to order a ct scan even through the report from the radiologist recommended one. So I'll be insisting on that as well. 

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