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Can I Take Vitamin E with Tamoxifen?

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Hi all, I'm new here. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer about a year and 1/2 ago. Had surgery, nothing found in my lymph nodes. I had radiation therapy and was put on tamoxifen. My only problem with the tamoxifen is hot flashes. They don't occur at night, but at random times during the day I get very hot and sweaty. I almost ALWAYS get hot flashes just after showering (in cool water) which wreaks havoc with my makeup and hair! I recently read that Vitamin E can help reduce this issue. An internet search does not give any useful information really. Most sources are old, some say yes it's ok to take vitamin E with tamoxifen, others say no, the vit E may reduce the effectiveness of the tamox. I'm not seeing my oncologist until the fall and I want relief NOW! Have any of you tried vitamin E? Did it work to reduce the sweats, etc? And what did your doctors say? Thank you to all for any information you can give me!

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Welcome, Marie -

I was on Tamoxifen from 2009 until just a few weeks ago, and the only major side effect it caused for me, too, was hot flashes -- I was only 40 years old, was nowhere near menopause, and had never had a hot flash in my life until the 2nd day I took Tamoxifen, and then...whoosh!

With the approval of my oncologist and my gynecologist, I've taken 400 IU of Vitamin E (the standard Vitamin E you buy at the drugstore) morning and night for about 8 years.  For me, it did help somewhat, but it definitely is not a miracle cure for hot flashes, and does not work for everyone.

My doctors did not feel there was any harm for me in trying it, but you should really check in with at least your primary care physician, your gynecologist, or your oncologist first.

Hope that helps a little?


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Thanks for your reply Traci. I'll be seeing my primary care physician next month. Until then, I think I'll try the Vitamin E. If it doesn't work for me, then it's a non-issue. If it does help, I'll confirm with my doctor that it's ok. Thanks again for your info, including the dose you took. Very helpful!




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