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My precious mom

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My mom’s been living with nhl for 7ish years now. She’s 71. My dad died of pancreatic cancer at 52, so twenty more than that  feels like very good luck. Mom is a trooper and an optimist. She is not in any discomfort, after recovering finally from a brutal stem cell transplant last year. She is tired, though. I am waiting very impatiently for her appointment with her oncologist in a few weeks, to learn what treatment options and prognosis are after her new diagnosis of dlbcl (transformed from follicular). I wish I shared her optimism, but I am a worrier. Makes waiting hard. 

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Try to fight it! Now, she had a transplant. OK, which type (auto or allo) and which type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was it for? It sounds like DLBCL has now appeared? She still has many options and allow her attitude to affect yours, as she is the one with skin in the game! For perspective, I wish that my dad had lived to 71 (66†) or my brother (43†).

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The German philosopher Martin Heidegger famously wrote: When a man is born, he is old enough to die. 

But, medicine is daily better, daily keeping our beloved well for longer.

A local boy, diagnosed at 7 with a Stage IV blood disease I'd never heard of before, became a local celebrity, with police agencies and others deputizing him. He has been on TV several times. He was declared N.E.D. last week.  Let us all hope for miracles, however we define them.


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