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Appointment Length Question

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HI All,


I am meeting with the Oncologist for my results from scans and blood test.  Appointment is for 30 minutes.  Im guessing possible non Hodgkins Lymphoma. Appt. is 4pm Friday. Is 30 minutes the norm for advising a patient of a cancer diagnosis?


Thank you for your time and response.



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Have you had CT scans or PET scans? Why were they ordered? Unfortunately neither scans nor blood work alone can provide a reliable diagnosis. That requires a biopsy. I would suggest, based on my own experience and nothing more, that 30 minutes should be very adequate to review scan results and identify what if any next steps are needed. I always get copies of my scans and blood work.

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30 min should be fine for outlining the next steps, IF any are indicated.  That may be more scans, bone marrow biopsy, lymph node biopsy, or ???  Good luck.

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