After prostate removed

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hi , 61 male.  Not good at typing.  But I’m trying.  Had prostate removed. High psa. And Gleason scored. Like 9. Did all the test, cant find cancer anywhere else.  2 weeks bag was removed. Had Lupron shot that day also. Wants me to have 1 every 6 months for 2 yrs.  biggest issue from that is nite sweats,   Like coming out of a shower.  But for me now , is the incontinent.  Been 6 weeks, kegler excerises if I’m doing it right. So far,  we’ll lets just say I should of brought some stock in those pad companies.  Was wondering. If anyone else is out there, and wants to talk.  This is the scariest thing I have ever went thru. I think it’s the fear of not knowing. Now when I get a pain somewhere else, 1st thing I think it something is wrong.  Starting radiation treatments(39). In may.  Had a physical this week, PSA score. .009.   Think that’s good.  Was 91.7.  Sorry if in just venting   Thanks kevin


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    Your concerns are very common

    Your concerns are very common for anyone new to cancer.  You may want to join the chatroom here on CSN. It is in the pink box in the upper left, just above My CSN Space.  There are usually people in and out during the day and a lot of people on around 10PM at night.  I can't stay on late anymore, but sometimes do have sleepless nights.

    Cancer changes lives. No one knows who it will strike, how long it will last, if it's ever truly gone, and what it will take away from you.  We all feel that.  The people in chat have been thru this with a variety of cancers, as we all suffer side effects of treatment and dread possible spread or recurrence.  It helps to chat with others who have been thru what you have been thru... with others who "get it".

    Friends and family who have never been thru this are well meaning and try to say encouraging things but they have no idea what it's actually like.  Once cancer has touched your life, you look at anything very differently.