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One year--all clear

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Joined: Apr 2017

Today is the one year anniversary of my surgery (3b) and coincidentally today I got the results of the most recent CT scan saying I am all-clear for now.  I've aged a decade in the past year (with chemo and all) but I am looking forward to a four month pause before my next CT scan.  For now, I hope to live life to its fullest and to optimize my odds of avoiding recurrence.  Thank you  to all on the board for your advice and support. 

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Hooray! I get to be the first one to congratulate you! Good for you!


Cindy225's picture
Posts: 172
Joined: Feb 2017

Great feeling when you get the results of your scan and it's "unremarkable".

Enjoy every moment being here now...


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Joined: Sep 2012

In our situation every bit of positive, hopeful information is wonderful news.  And it becomes even more influencial when it is shared with fellow individuals who are afflicted with cancer.  Good for you and good for us.

I firmly believe that within years (decades) the cure for cancer will be determined.  In the meantime, those of us who have contracted/developed this horrible disease must move forward, one day at a time.  Thanks Sandia Buddy for sharing your positive news.  It lightens the load for the rest of us while we anxiously await the cure for cancer.

Don't be a stranger.  Keep posting, even if for nothing more than to let us know what your favorite song was in 1971.


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That is wonderful news.  Happy Anniversary.


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Lily Flower
Posts: 254
Joined: Jul 2017

That's awesome news. Happy 1 year anniversary, SandiaBuddy! 

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Joined: Jul 2017

Nice to hear the good news, let's keep it rolling!


Ruthmomto4's picture
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Joined: May 2013

Enjoy the four months and many after I hope!!

SandiaBuddy's picture
Posts: 1184
Joined: Apr 2017

Thank you one and all.

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Joined: Jul 2017

Wonderful news. May you stay free of this disease forever. -Beth

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Joined: Jan 2017

now go out and celebrate and have some fun!


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Good for you!!! May you be NED forevermore!

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Joined: Aug 2013

"All clear for now" is as good as it gets in this game. Congrats and enjoy the regular lifestuff for awhile.......................................Dave

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I hope you have  many more "all clear" scans.


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I'm late to the party, but dance on. NED, that is wonderful news. 


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Here's to hoping you're NED forever!

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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations! Keep llowing me I enjoy the company.

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Joined: Jun 2016

Glad to hear you are having success Sandia. With all your posts and excellent info, its nice to see that what you are doing is working for you!

Keep up the good work my friend.


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