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Hey guys.  There is so many new people and im glad this forum is still full of love and support.  What a bleesing to not be alone.

Im not on here as much as befor but was thinking about cancer and wanted to write.

About two weeks ago i had another cancer update. My CA 125 was in normal range. Cant remember the number for sure. This doctor wont do scans unless i have symtoms. Not to fonf of that. But so far things look good as to my symtoms.

It was found i had ostioprosis after treatment. I was taking the generic of fosimax fot the last year or so.  The last three or so months my bones were aching (in my arms especially)  i couldnt figure out why until my cancer doctor told me fosimax can cause bone and muscle pain.  I stopped taking it to see an wala no pain in my arms.  Im not sure what i will do going forward.


The reason im thinking of cancer even more is because today i went to the dermatologist because my GP recommended it for my moles i have. Any ways i had five removed and the doctor didnt like the look of them. They are having them tested for melanoma.  Im trying to not think about it much but the nurse said it will take 7 to 10 days for results.  Oh stupid cancer and even the posibiliy of it.  I hope it is nothing.  Isnt that what we all want.

Thanks everyone for keeping this site so wonderful.  I do love that everyone can support eachother.



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    I hope it is nothing too!!  I

    I hope it is nothing too!!  I also have multiple moles and have had for many many years but they still worry me.   I had a few tested awhile back and they turned out to be nothing so I hope yours are too.

    I'm glad to hear you're still NED.  My doctor also does not do scans unless there's a reason.  And, from what I've read, he's right. They find just as much recurrence from symptoms than from scans and they don't like to expose a cancer patient to undo radiation.  

    Please let us know how the tests turn out.



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    I have accepted that I will

    I have accepted that I will always be worried about every blemish, ache, pain, lump, cough, etc. that doesn't go away in a few days. I found it amazing in one article I read that people who I HOPE mean well think that's silly. I think they're clueless. 

    Hopefully, the moles are benign or at least they're Stage 1a and now that they're gone, you can get on with your life ... NED.


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    I'm getting a referral to

    I'm getting a referral to derm to have my moles checked for the first time too (and for a new spot on my leg that I'm hoping is not psoriasis). I have so many moles, a history of sunburns, most look "irregular" to me, and you're right, we're extra sensitive to worrying about cancer. I don't want to fight one cancer only to have a different one develop and spread. I already have a kidney cyst that has to be followed up to rule out cancer, blech.

    In regards to follow up CTs to monitor our remission, my feelings aren't always consistent. Right now I'm feeling having the scans would just cause a  lot of emotional stress, so I'm a little relieved if my doctor doesn't do it. But, of course I worry anyway. Every damn night I worry if the cancer is spreading, or will spread all over once treatment stops. Ugh.


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    Caregivers Worry The Same

    Caregivers and loved ones worry the same. Every ache, pain, and malaise that Mrs. Red gets that lasts more than a day I‘m worrying is it a reoccurrence. Every time she has stress I worry will this cause a reoccurrence. Every time a scan date comes up I have scan-anxiety about a reoccurrence. I say nothing to Mrs. Red because I don’t want her to worry. Only you guys know what it’s like.


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    Hopefully, janaes and LisaPizza your moles

    are benign. May I make a suggestion? If you think you have skin cancer- particularly melanoma, see a plastic surgeon as unlike a dermatologist, they are trained to remove melanoma without causing it to spread. Personally, I would NEVER have a dermatologist remove skin cancer from me, whether it is basil cell, squamous cell or heaven forbid grade 3 melanoma. My brother, a Board Certified plastic surgeon with 35+ years of experience has taught his kid sister (me) quite well. I know about this more than I intended to!

     Warm Wishes,



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    Thanks guys. I can always

    Thanks guys. I can always count on you.

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    Good to know about the plastic surgeon instead of a dermatologist. I hope I never have to have either remove something cancerous (I had 2 removed years ago that were benign). Appreciate the info. Janaes, hope all goes well too!