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Biopsy date

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I have a date for my D&C/biopsy/hysteroscopy. It is April 10. I was given a choice of 5 dates ranging from April 10 to June 28. While my first instinct was to take the latest one, I decided to take the earliest and get it over with. I am still scared as all get-out but hoping I will go through with it.

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Yea, I hear you on the earlier date. The sooner you get the info, the better. If you need a hysterectomy (hopefully not), and you get a laparoscopic one, it's not bad. (I got a total laparoscopy apparently. I was incorrect before ... I finally got to talk to my surgeon yesterday about the details. Whatever procedure it was, that stuff is out!) It was rough the first week, but not horribly unbearable. I had an open myomectomy years ago (traditional type where the surgeon cuts you open), and believe me, a laparoscopy is much, much  better!

But first things first. Let's hope the doctor finds nothing of concern, or something benign. It's very possible at this point.

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Congratulations. It's taken a lot of courage to get to this point and you deserve acknowledgment of that. The first steps are the hardest and you should pat yourself on the back for moving forward. From here on out, it - whatever "it" is - will get easier.

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Thank you, evolo and derMaus. My pre op assessment is scheduled for this coming Thurs. at an ungodly hour - 7:45am which means I have to be up by 5 am and I am a bit of a night owl, can't go to bed before midnight at the earliest as my body will not sleep, no matter how hard I  try. My ob/gyn's admin asst is going to call me at 7 to make sure I'm up and getting ready. I'm getting over bronchitis and still don't feel 100% in my lungs, hopefully it will be all gone by Thurs. or it will be postponed.

A dear old friend of over 35 years may be coming to spend some time with me in the day surgery unit. According to my doctor, I will be kept a couple hours longer than the average person because of my risk factors - I guess they want to monitor me closer. I'm getting very nervous the closer it gets but am determined to try and get it done.

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HorseLvr - you will do great!  It is an easy procedure!  i pray the biopsy finds nothing! the hard part is waiting for the results.  For me it was over Christmas so I was so busy I didn’t have time to dwell on it.  Good luck!

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Thank you so much!

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Seconded! Mine was pretty easy, other than using up a whole day.

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Just to add to the chorus of voices -- my D&C/biopsy/hysteroscopy was also pretty easy. I only took a couple of motrin afterward. I did feel drained for a day or two, but that was probably emotional as well as physical.

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Glad you selected the first available date. That way no matter what you will be that much closer to regaining a sense of peace. 


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