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HiAll..I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer a year ago. I had a powerport implanted about10 months ago. It worked great until the past 3 chemo treatments (I get chemo every 3 weeks). The infusion nurses have not been able to get blood return thru powerport. It does flush great though. Oh and I’ve tried all he different sitting positions, laying all the way back, changing arm positions, coughing, etc. and still no blood return. So they continue with the chemo thru Powerport anyways, with no complications or issues. My question is should I be worried about this? Thanks for your input, Evelyn 


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Hi Evelyn, welcome to inspire! I had the same issues with the power port while I was being treated for a second cancer not related to the lung cancer in 09. I too tried all the various sitting positions as well with the same outcome with having no blood return. The chemo nurses did eventuly inject a medication threw the port to unblock whatever was stopping the blood return, I had to wait 20 minutes to see if it took effect, which it did, but I do remember asking lots of questions as my main concern was risk of developing a blood clot. I would certaintly inquire about that. also question about the medication they can use to clear whatever is causing no blood return. Hope this helps and all my best to you. Please let us know how things progress with that.

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it is a common port/central line problem. it is usually cause by a scar like tissue growth around the catheter. It acts like a one way valve. Therefore, it only allow flow to go into the heart, but it blocks the catheter when your infusion nurse draws back with negative pressure.

it is usually not a major problem as long as you don’t mind getting regular blood draws in the arms again.

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