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Opinions about Scan Frequency

sandy23 Member Posts: 143

My husband just had another set of 3 month scans and they were NED.  It will be a year tomorrow since he had his kidney removed.  It was stage 3 due to one area of microscopic outer fat invasion, no other areas contained cancer. The doctor was ultimately able to achieve a large clear margin with a radical nephrectomy.

His doctor told him at his visit that it is safe to move from scans every 3 months to every 6 months.  That makes me nervous but my husband is glad to have less exposure to radiation.  I am a big worrier by nature and wanted to get your opinions on this.  What were your scan frequencies, and did they become more spaced out after a certain length of time?


  • Mighty Frog
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    CT Scan and MRI

    Hi! I currently on 6 months scan. I was also very worry on the radiation exposure. On my first scan i opted for MRI which are more safer and no radiation involved but stil i have to go through  X-Ray. 

    Some said nowadays CT Scan and X - Ray are using much more lower radiation which are more safer compare to those days..... but the question still remain how do we know? 

    Try discuss with your doctor if MRI is possible. 

  • icemantoo
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    Other than Stag 1



    Other than Stage 1 scan frequency is pretty much individualized and even to some extent with Stage 1.