Chronic Long term fatigue

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Wife had left lung removed after lung cancer diagnosis...also had whole brain radiation due to presence of some brain mets....its been nearly 8 years with no evidence of cancer...that said, she has cognitive impairment (short term memory laspes frequently) along with massive fatigue...she spends most of day watching tv and in bed...oncologists have no great solutions..trying ritalin now at 5mg...very hard to see her lose almost all enthusiasm or interest in being around people...worried that she will just continue to get worse...have falls.. any ideas out there? 


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    Try posting over at inspire

    Try posting over at There are more active posters over there that I am sure someone can help. I had surgery last May and suffer from pretty severe fatigue, but was stage 1, so very fortunate. Just wanted you to know that even those of us with less treatment can get fatigue. But 8 years seems like a very long time.  Hope the ritalin helps her. There are also other drugs, such as provigil and nuvigil that are less addictive, but I say whatever helps her feel better is what to go with. Best of luck to you both.