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Scans this morning

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Going to get my first set of scans since PLN in November. I pray all is well- NED please! A little nervous, could not sleep well. Starting over on my deductible. How does everyone pay all the Bills that go along with this ride? It always trying to get at me- mentality , emotionally, financially--WOW ALWAYS something ! I am grateful to be feeling good!! 

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Thiinking of you. I have Endoscopy at Noon (non RCC).  No food or water. Sending good Karma for uncle NED to visit you.







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Well wishes your way, yes it's hard to keep up with the med bills. My credit is suffering now due to the scan bills mounting up.  Sometimes The hospital will give you a discount based on your income

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Thinking of you today. My scans are friday!!! You are in my thoughts


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Hope all your scans went well. You are in my thoughts as well!

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