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Lower Lobe

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Had a CT scan due to what we thought was Kidney stones . Was referred to Urologist for blood in Urine , and while getting a cytoscopy I received results that my scan I had back in November showed that I had a one inch gallstone and several lower lobe lung nodules in both lungs. The largest being .45cm.  So my doctor said cytoscopy was fine, I should have my gallbladder out and that the nodules were not concerning to her. I am a 42 year old woman who smoked on and off during my twenties . Both parents smoked, I just lost my father last April to lung cancer. 

Should I be worried and get a second opionion? I asked if they were calcified and she said no. She said that since it's under .6cm (I hope I have this right) that they don't scan in 3 months , they will do a scan instead in 12 months and if they haven't grown , then that's it.

She felt they looked like scar tissue, I have never had pnemonia and had a TB shot and recent test due to working with elderly for my job.

Any thoughts, opinions, advice is greatly appreciated. Do I just sit tight or get a second opnion?

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You are always free to get a secong opinion, but these ARE tiny nodules. I would maybe get rescanned in 6 months, rather than a year, just to ease my mind. Best wishes.

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