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Very Unusual Ileostomy Output

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I posted this as a response under a different topic earlier today and Tru recommended that I post it separate with another title to get more attention.  Since I always do what women tell me to do, here it is...

Yesterday afternoon I began feeling that tingle in my throat.  Then I developed a headache (something I rarely get).  My sleep last night was labored, which is symptomatic for me.  This morning I awoke with a very sore throat and a pulsing headache.

However, the most unusual event has been the output in my ileostomy.  I was experiencing some pain in my stoma so I watched it to see what was happening.  To my surprise a rather large, solid object emerged.  It was the size and shape of a large peanut (dark green) even though the rest of the output was a yellow fluid. 

I squeezed it to determine its consistency.  It was easy to mash and was not hard.  However, I then noticed that there were several more in my bag.  All of them smaller than the more that got my attention.  When it was all done I had a handful of them.  There looked just like rabbit pellets.

My diet yesterday was orange juice, coffee, water with vitamin C, peanut butter crackers, some tortilla chips and three chicken quesadilla's from O'Charleys.  Most days that is all I eat.  Not that menu, but that volumn.

Anybody with an ileostomy ever had green rabbit pellet type output?  Is this the result of a virus?  Am I possessed?


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I've had various colours but nothing that seemed odd like that. I wish I could help but I have no idea. I'll be interested to see if anyone else can help.


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Ive had all sorts of weird big crap come out of mine. Usually i can trace it back to a fruit or veggie i didnt chew all the way and it brought some other things with it for the ride. What side items did you eat at O'charley's lol?

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No side items, just the three quesadilla's.  We brought it home to eat.  In fact, I have not eaten in a restaurant since before my surgery last October.

So far today my ostomy has been very active with a low level of discomfort.  Who knows what's going on!  Sure hope I don't get a blockage.


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Jim, so far since I had the bag on March 2017 I haven't had any solid output except for probably the green veggies I eat.  Specifically, Moringa.  It looks the same going in and going out.  The one that alarmed me some time last year was a reddish output, and I was afraid if it was actually blood.  It was only once, after I ate red velvet cake.  It never happened again so I figured it was just because of the red velvet cake.  I'd say tell your onco/surgeon about it.  But if it doesn't happen again, I don't know.  Probably some scarring because of radiation? I can't remember if you underwent radiation.  Sorry I don't have much valuable input.  Observe how things are going these hours or days on.

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I’ve only had a few times when something popped out due to pressure and it was usually fruits or veggie pieces. I have had far more solid output lately. Maybe due to popcorn. There are bigger pieces of things on the bag and I often try to guess what they are.

Scariest thing lately was beets. They can generate a lot of color.

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Being a  quesadilla I'm wondering if it had some type of bean it that it usually doesn't.  Watching the output was very common for me and I'd question everything that didn't look normal.  I'd give it a day or two and see if it works everything out and if not, ask your surgeon.  It's terrible when everything now that you look at is poop.  Keep us informed and wishing all turnes out well.


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