Thank you

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I just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum. I have battled anxiety and fear every since my diagnosis. I log in everyday just to catch up and find myself relating to so many of your posts. I am overwhelmed by the unconditional support and love you give to one another and now to me...even though we have never met. 

I know I am new to this group but I hope you all know that I am there for all of you as well....

From the bottom of my heart thank You! Until tomorrow ❤


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    I know what you mean

    Hi Cinnamongirl,

    I feel exactly the same. Finding these people was the best thing I did after diagnosis.

    I am grateful to everyone here and often touched by the kindness shown.


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    Special people

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is a group of some pretty special people.


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    This board and the people on

    This board and the people on it were my life saver when diagnosed. I'm so glad we're all there for each other.

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    I agree

    This forum is a big deal to a lot of folks!!

    I read it almost everday..

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    I am glad it has been a great

    I am glad it has been a great help for you!! 

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    the A Team

    This is the A Team...... 

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    i am a newbie here also...

    i am a newbie here also....and i am also affected by all the support and love that is shown here...i am glad to have found this site and all the wonderful people on here

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    Cinnamon Girl

    I love your user name, I am a big Neil Young fan. Glad you have found help and support here, I love this group, they have been so supportive and informative.