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A Story of Hope

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I don't have thyroid cancer but my father did.  I was about 10 years old when he came home from the doctor and told my mother that on examination, he had found a nodule in the center of his throat.

Now this is going way back to a very long time ago.  My father was a strong man.  Healthy except for high blood pressure and he went into the hospital for a biopsy.  Back then there were no needle biopsies, just cut and that was itl.  He stayed in the hospital for about 1 week waiting for results.  After getting tired of waiting he got up to leave and the doctor walked into the room and said "Get back in bed, you have thyroid cancer."


Imagine the hard blow.  My father went home anyway.  He was told by other doctors that thyroid cancer is probably one of the best cancers to have if you have thyroid cancer because it doesn't move.  This may or may not be true.  There are many survivors like Angie Everheart, Brooke Burke Charvet and Catherine Bell.  However, Roger Ebert died from it.


What I am trying to say is that thyroid cancer is certainly not taken to be anything lightly but so many people survive from it.  I myself have Graves' Disease. I got it from a gene mutation they feel came from my father.  My father was about 56 when he got thyroid cancer and lived to be 89.  So take heart, thyroid cancer is certainly not a death sentence.  Not even years ago.

There is always a chance of parathyroids gets nicked and freezing up.  Losing calcium but that is controlled with medications as you all know I am sure.  Just thought I would share


Best to you!


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