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Psa of 5 4 k score 20 percent

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hello new here psa 5 4 k score 20 percent Doc wants biopsy any thoughts 64 years old 

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Welcome to the board. Can you be more specific on the info you share here?

Have you any PSA histology or is it the first result?

Do you have any symptoms?

Have your doctor done a DRE (digital rectum exam)?

Is there someone in the family diagnosed with cancer?

The PSA of 5 is high but it can be produced by other reasons than cancer. The 4K score (includes other series of arguments and tests) is just checking on the possibility that this PSA value relates to cancer. However, BPH or infection or sex the night before drawing blood, etc, are all possibilities behind a level of 5 ng/ml. Typically doctors recommend a protocol of anti-bacteria/anti-inflammatory to rule out such occurrences, following the issue with another PSA test, before the biopsy. In any case, the biopsy is invasive but simple and it would provide you with the peace of mind that such a 4K test cannot do.
I recommend you to get an insurance before being diagnosed as later they wouldn't accept to cover cancer in the policy.

Here you can read the meaning of the 20%;





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Thanks for replying psa has been rising over the last few years Dre he said was small insuranc is good guess I’ll have the biopsy a few symptoms but not bad parents had cancer but not prostate 

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