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Hi to all, my name is Stuart Im 50 years old, last February I had a full nephrectomy of my cancerous right kidney, then in my September CT scan 2 nodules were noticed,one on each of my lungs so another scan was arranged for December. Today I was seen by my oncologist with the results and have been told that I have metastatic kidney cancer that cant be cured, but they will hopefully control it with medicine. There is a choice of medicine that i have to pick from and they are Votrient (pazopanib) or Sunitinib (sutent).

I live in the Uk and in the last year I have been a regular reader of this site as the Uk cancer sites are not very busy or informative, this site has reassured my wife and I, a lot of times over the past year and I thank you all for maintaining an excellant and very supportive site.

Could I please ask the community if they have any opinions on the following questions

Has anyone any experience of the medicine ive been given to choose between as I have tried an internet search and cant get any human responses.

Will I be able to continue working when I start the treatment.  

 My nodules are small and on the lungs so why cant it be operated on and cured.

Im sorry I didnt ask my consultant but my mind was all over the place.

Thank you for reading this post



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    You may get more answers at

    You may get more answers at are dedicated to all cancers and there are usually a lot more people on that site. I wish I could be of more help, but I don't know anything about those drugs. I wish you well. Take care.

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    Stuart, I would suggest posting on the Kidney discussion boards as well, since that was the primary cancer.  I've not heard anyone mention those drugs before in regard to lung cancer, so suspect they may be more often used for people whose primary disease is kidney cancer.  Also, I strongly agree with Katmar to check out for more answers.  Best success and God bless.

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    kidney cancer to lung cancer

    Hi Stuart,

    I was diagnosed with kidney cancer 20 years ago. Had a right nephrectomy.  Have had reoccurences every 5 years since then, primarily lung.  Right lower wedge resection and a right upper lobectomy, and then a benign tumor on my thyroid.  Now have nodules in my left lower lung base. Just received CT results yesterday and the nodules are larger, but probably still too small for surgery.  Take one day at a time, research everything, get second opinions and trust God.

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    Hi there, I'm from Canada

    Hi there, I'm from Canada there is new medication available here in Canads  for lung cancer  Opdivo that medication will help your own immuno attack the cancer cells. Ask your doctor Good luck

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    I forget Opdivo is approved

    I forget Opdivo is approved here for kidney caner too Google it 

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    Hi Stuart

    I'm so sorry about your cancer, my husband also had Kidney cancer 5 years ago, had the Kidney removed we thought that was the end of it. In Nov. he was dignosed with brain and lung cancer. Thanks to radiation and a Cyberknife  the brain is free of cancer for now. He has one nodule on his lung that has cancer. He is on VOTRIENT, he has been on it for 38 days, since everyone is different and responds to meds. differently I will just say read the side effects and  take them seriously. My husband is also a lot older then you (80 years) too old for surgery. Today he decieded to stop the Votrient, he is willing to take his chances with the cancer and hope it is slow moving. BTW, we are in the USA. My prayers are with you. 

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    Hello Stuart

    Hello Stuart,

    I’m also from the the U.K. and a tad scared. I was diagnosed with NSC lung cancer in April my tumour was centrally placed in my left lung. My best hope of survival was lung removal. This happened last Wednesday, very scary painful now, but I’m here to enquire how your getting on? In 6 weeks I start chemo, something else I have no knowledge of.