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my recent obsevations/thoughts

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As sick as I get on occaision, it's incredible what I can tolerate.  I'm still here despite some serious hits. I have gotten pretty damn good at identifying variances from my new normal and making adjustments so things do not get acutely out of control. Every day I need to adjust BP meds. I bottom out often but go off the chart when I'm in pain. Cabo also has to be skipped often to avoid complications. Poly neuropathies I have to deal with. A cost of doing business. For almost everyone here afraid of their future, I live it. Every day. I know where it is going. Therefore I have no fear of it. The other good news is that I have no interest in dying so I am able to enjoy every day without the burden. The song is in my head but it is mostly white noise to me now. I don't have to pay attention.

I hope everyone can face 2018 with a plan in place. Deal with the issues presented and never waste another moment worrying. It is never recoverable. Learn positive thinking. You may not live longer but the karma lives for everyone. How do you want to be remembered? It will be forever.




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You are the man.  That is all....

Finding that 'zone' is the hardest thing for me to do, and I'm not even deep into this new world.  You keep on plugging...you're an inspriation to us all.

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I worry. Not about cancer or death, but living. Mostly about family. Making sure everythings ok. You, sir, are farther down the road then me. Lifewise and cancer wise. I have my moments and I enjoy them. One day, I'll get smart and enjoy every moment. I know cancer with shorten my trip and I accecpt that. I just need to learn more how to enjoy it. Thank you for posting this. As far as my song, it still plays.

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Thanks Fox for your wonderful message of living life as we have it, while we have it.  God Bless you and thanks for your encouragement to all.  

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tango xray
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Thank you for the reminder Fox! 

We should make the most of each day regardless of our diagnosis ;-)


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You are an amazing strong man.  You have a way with words that's a gift to the rest of us!  I never know exactly what to say but you always do. ;)


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Kim said it best: "I never know exactly what to say you always do." And yes, you do!

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You are an inspiration to those who have challanges in their way. Keep it up.




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I've said it before but it bears repeating.....

You are like a Lighthouse. 

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in such positive ways!   You are for me one of those people one comes to cross in life who make a big mark on it.  May you always receive back and multiplied all that you give. My admiration and love to you Fox.

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Can’t tell you how much my heart  lifts when I see one of your posts.





and a heart as big  as Texas

You got it all baby


Never will reach your benchmark but I look up to you every day

Love and Kisses



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Thanks Fox

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Hi fox,

I'm part of your fan club too.  I often see how your unique experience is helpful to people here.

Sometimes when people need advice your response nails it. Right on target.

Now I have a question... Why do people love Harleys so much?


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to know that they can be tougher than they ever imagined. Have confidence that you are giving your best. If not, now is time to address character. We all could use self improvement.

I've wondered how many people afraid of nephrectomy or over exposure to radiation are overweight, smoke, drink, do drugs, and have never exercised a day in their life. Now they pray for miracles. The odds are not in their favor. I know these people exist but don't remember anyone ever mentioning it. But there are clues. It is like lear ning to read what is not written in a medical record to to know the real truth. I hope everyone facing this disease has respected their bodies. It is a necessary tool when the game is on.

And for all, especially Annissa. I am very proud of how I've lived and dealt with my cancer. It's as if I've trained for this my entire life. But I am not the rock. I need everyone here. You all are my support group. My family. Coming here is my therapy. Karma includes the peace and serentity that keeps me from going  insane. How else would you explain 3100 posts?

FLY                                 fox loves you

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Fox, my friend. If not many prople in your private life have told you this, I will. You have wisdom and great character. Your posts stand out and are different from all others. You find the strength you need each day as if there is no question...You are going to live it to the fullest. I always say we have 2 choices: fight or die. You refuse to quit. And yes, it seems as though life has prepared you for this moment. What I truly appreciate is all of the thought and personal feeling you put in to each and every post. You write everything for a purpose. On purpose. You speak the truth (even in what you just wrote about some people's lifestyles). We need you around here so please keep on keepin on my friend!!!!

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Fox, that's 5% of the posts on this forum!! You and @icemantoo contribute almost 10% of the responses. 

Kudos to both of you.

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This road is tough but you're a wonderful rider, you go forward each and every day although it's not easy to do it, and as an observer I learn from you.
Every day is a gift which can be really amazing or disappointing. But I want to wish good luck in everything that happens in your life

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You truly inspire me to have the strength to face this head - on, and you help me remember the importance of perspective.


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Mighty Frog
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Yeh! U got me, FOX...... Recently been through alots of thinking and worries in my head... after reading your post..... Well, I'm ALIVE alot now........ TQvm Fox! Keep it up! 

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Foxy, Your post is everything!! You inspire me!! Big Hugs from Panda...<3

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We are all hoping for a miracle

no distinction there and I would never judge another person


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No intent to judge others. We take our health for  granted. It must be so scarey to be ill equipped for  the challenge. There are also those who never are on time for anything. Unable to be effective in any self discipline. Responsibility starts with ourselves and we all have issues. If one cannot take care of one self pre diagnosis, the deck is stacked against  them. Often the phrase, "Why me?" says a lot. Patterns emerge to health care professionals. This can account for why people with similar medical dx recieve such different plans of care.

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Truth right here!

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Foxie dear~

Take our strength

Take our courage


Take our love!

Warm hugs to you and yours! Jan

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the medical staff are judging us

Hope I am on the good side


P.s I do agree with your sentiments but don’t agree 100%

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We're cut from the same cloth, Fox.  We've PMed each other numerous times about this topic and I think you know my drive and stubbornness to compete and never cry "uncle".  Sure prior health is crazy important, but even bigger is the mental fortitude it takes to never quit.  I'm not talking about this glossy, cover statement "I'm going to fight this," I'm talking about a sincere belief that you will survive. That you can handle most anything thrown at you and still stand up and say--"kiss my a**".  

Coupled with good health, mental toughness gives you the biggest advantage.

Take care--


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Jan 11, 2018 - 4:20 pm

Prevention of kidney cancer incidence and recurrence: lifestyle, medication and nutrition.



The incidence of kidney cancer rises globally with the highest rates in developed countries. This demonstrates the impact of advanced diagnostic imaging but also rising prevalence of modifiable risk factors such as smoking, obesity and hypertension. A literature search was performed with focus on recent studies on risk factors related to lifestyle, medication and nutrition. Further we searched for the effect of cancer prevention strategies.


Overall, we included 76 studies of the past 5 years. Based on current evidence smoking tobacco, obesity and hypertension remain established risk factors for kidney cancer. Certain analgesics and consumption of processed meat have been linked to increase development of renal cell carcinoma, although data are limited. Fruits, fiber-rich vegetables, coffee and physical activity may have a protective effect against kidney cancer but causal conclusions are not yet supported. Significantly, there is an increasing evidence of inverse association between moderate alcohol consumption.


Overall evidence confirms an effective way to prevent the risk of kidney cancer is maintaining a healthy weight and avoid smoking. State policies should further ensure strategies to raise public awareness and support to adopt healthy lifestyles.


If this is true pre diagnosis, it remains there post diagnosis. It is a survival tool. You have to take care of yourself.

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and agreed

thankfully I don’t have to change anything although I have stopped excerising( not high impact but was consistent) since my husband died and have put some weight on

BTW my husband and I were no smokers, drinks on birthday and Xmas, never did drugs, fresh food only... we loved to preach to anyone about our health beliefs

he got lung cancer and passed away

i got renal cancer

my Irish friends  are smoking and drinking without a care in the world and now preaching to me

The jewish man I know never smoked or drank in his life  got stomach cancer  but is surviving

but foxy is 100% correct

the operation showed me I should be back at my pre widow weight so I am on the case

and I have been wallowing in grief

wonderful people like fox and Donna have showen  that life is here right now

and thanks to Stubb for his ever knowledgeable insights






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It makes no sense. I have a friend who is overweight, lazy, almost illiterate.  He actually says that watching tv is his hobby. I used to try to get him to ex. with me. He would laugh. He said it doesn't matter how much time I waste exercising. Because he would outlive me. He says everyone in his family always lives well into their 90's. Genetics. Some get good ones, some don't.

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getting RCC and having led an exemplary and healthy lifestyle is a bit of a kick in the guts, but I like to think that if you are in bad shape when you get this diagnosis  (and the next diagnosis - because in life there is usually something) your ability to deal with it is so much worse, if you have other health issues, mobility due to weight, blood pressure, diabetes, exisiting renal failure, COPD from smoking, these are all the common ones I see in older - have lived a poor lifestyle - people.

All the well known big risk factors weight, smoking, lack of cardiovascular fitness, they don't always make you live less long, but they usually almost definately make you live less well.   Your mate might joke about TV being his hobby, thing is, if he ever wanted to go do something else (like travel to a mountain and climb it) he might find out that he isn't capable, he has trained to sit and watch TV and that is what he will be fit for.    And god forbid he does get something that requires surgery, he might trip over tear a cruciate ligament on the way to the fridge, he may find his subsequent treatment and recovery are way harder and more complicated than necessary.   His choice.   Probably won't be laughing then.   And yes there are always outliers, those that have a terrible time and shouldn't have and those that sail through and shouldn't have, but the statistics don't lie.  

As you have said before, your fitness has been a big bonus to your ability to undergo continued treatment. 

Thanks for all that you do on the board Fox.  

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Foxy, you continue to inspire us! Your strength, knowledge and compassion are just a few of the things I admire.

We do need to take care of our bodies. In October, my oldest sister (turning 68 next week) had a heart attack. She has chronic leukemia, but it has been under control for years. She has never smoked, doesn't drink, exercises and eats right.  I saw her a few days before her heart attack. She was extremely worried about her daughter who was going through a rough patch. I reminded her that worrying won't help matters...easier said than done. After she left I mentioned to my other sisters how stressed she seemed. I could hear it in her voice. A few days later she had the heart attack (went to her daughter's to help her move - not a thing was packed - she had the attack a few minutes after arrival). She had bypass surgery within 30 minutes. Now - I am sure because of her taking care of her body - she has bounced back to glowing medical reports! I keep reminding her to stop worrying. I am guilty of the same trait. It is difficult to stop....but I have cut down a lot (in fact after hearing the news of my sister's heart attack, my oldest son reminded me that this could happen to me and to stop worrying about my youngest son - I understand fully how this can happen!) 

Just like the directions of airline stewards: in case of troubles, take the oxygen for yourself first, so you can care for those who need it. We need to take care of ourselves first. Only we can do it for ourselves. 

Love you Foxy....glad you are taking care of yourself - because we need you here!!



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Your attitude and reminders and even occasional chiding :) have been so helpful to me! You may not realize it, but you were a big inspiration for me to lose the weight I lost this year. Thank you!

I think of you and your posts whenever I need reminding to be grateful, to not waste time living in fear and worry, and to keep going no matter what. You're positive, can-do attitude has reminded me that I can do what I need to do to move forward. You've taught me being a victim is a choice and for that I'm eternally grateful.



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Loved you from day one!  Wisdom like no other.  Although I haven't always agreed with you, I value your opinion like no other, truly.

You are cherished!


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I also want to add my thank you to all of the others here. I also have some good news to share along the lines of what you have expressed. Last year was such a horrible one- we found out my hubby had mets, he had a bowel perforation, our dog died,  alot of trouble with various doctors, etc.. The good news is that when 2018 hit, I decided to let go of worrying once and for all. I am accepting that what happens will happen. Every day I do everything I can to make my husbands journey with RCC easier. I also am taking better care of myself after realizing how much worrying and stressing out was making me sick (I had the flu for 3 weeks-it was so bad the dr. thought I might have pneumonia). Thank you for being there and for reminding me to be strong and take care of myself while I take care of the man I love.

Posts: 57
Joined: Sep 2008

I also want to add my thank you to all of the others here. I also have some good news to share along the lines of what you have expressed. Last year was such a horrible one- we found out my hubby had mets, he had a bowel perforation, our dog died,  alot of trouble with various doctors, etc.. The good news is that when 2018 hit, I decided to let go of worrying once and for all. I am accepting that what happens will happen. Every day I do everything I can to make my husbands journey with RCC easier. I also am taking better care of myself after realizing how much worrying and stressing out was making me sick (I had the flu for 3 weeks-it was so bad the dr. thought I might have pneumonia). Thank you for being there and for reminding me to be strong and take care of myself while I take care of the man I love.

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You are right, Fox, attitude is everything. You are so encouraging, everything you say, you also practice. The going has been tough many times, but you got tougher! Keep on fighting, keep on being you!



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 I'm grateful for the guy who started this thread, and all those who responded. Sometimes you need a reminder about self care and self discipline after a temporary slide in attitude. Those winter doldrums can get you some days, but yesterday the sun was shining, the birds were singing and then I read this thread. Time to start again:)                                                                                  

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You are the person who gave me the courage and the push to finally join after reading your post "Where is Everyone" from September 14, 2017 [I still go back and read it now and then].  I've been working on altering negative thoughts and statements to positive ones - thanks for the reminder.  Thanks for your wisdom and your unflinching sharing of what's going on with you.  Take care -

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Stay positive, regardless, stay positive.  Live each day to it's fullest, love each day, find happiness in the small things!  

Stay strong, keep moving forward!

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Fox, As a new member to your board, finding your post fills me with hope. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for helping me with your advice.  I'm honored to know you through this thred. Please never stop posting.  BIG HUGS AND PRAYERS! !!!

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And humor and attitude!

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I haven't been here that long... But I have noticed that you always respond and have the correct thing to say to everyone. You seen to always be right on time!! All of you guys are an inspiration to me and have given me strength and courage for my future. I've noticed that since I've healed up some and started to get out and do things that there's a little thought that stays right in the back of my mind... It's a thought of fear and uncertainty.... You guys have helped me with that so much... I'm thankful for each of you and I'm so very thankful to have found you guys.. just a simple Google search brought me here back in December. What a lucky guy I am. And I think we are all lucky to have guys like Fox on this site. I wish you nothing but the best my friend!

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and lots of luck.

I don't know if anyone follows UCONN womens basketball. People think they are the best team because they get the best players. That implies there are only a handful of good players available in the country. The WNBA is not made up of only UCONN graduates.

What UCONN does better than ANY other team in organized sports is that their goal is to master the game. Beating other teams is just what it takes. It's a thing of beauty. Once this dynasty ends we may never see another dominance like this again. Ever.

The moral of this story is; Don't look at every obstacle as blocking our path. Keep our concentration on the big prize.

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You're the guy, Fox. The definition of luck (via Oprah) -- "Preparation meeting opportunity." Yes, the big picture and "lots of luck" is what we need.

I've spent some time not just off of the CSN forums, but off of the internet. Had to find the balance between contemplating my navel (or was it my slowly fading neph scars?), not getting sucked into the world's CRAZYness, getting / being support, bringing the joy to the party. Meanwhile, some stuff I'd been planning for several years fell through. Completely. Friends left, friends died. I had medical issues (unrelated to the RCC), my little dog and #1 buddy spent several weeks ill.

Not sure if I ended up in a hole because I dug it or if I wasn't paying attention and just sort of slipped and fell in. At any rate, I knew I had to get back out somehow, find me some sunshine, and get back to my people. I'm working at mastering the current game.

It's good to be back here because of all the great people, and especially for the great wisdom and truth you bring. Thanks, Fox.

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