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Keloid Scars

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all my surgical scars have turned into keloids. I was concerned that 1 would but I don’t anticipate all 5 would go that route. I’m 3 months post op so they may grow a little more based on passed experience with a couple of scars from a bicycle mishap many years ago.  Has anyone else developed these type of scars?  Ive never had major surgery before and was wondering if problems were encountered down the road. Presently they itch and are somewhat sore (that’s typical of keloids). They’re some things a dermatologist can do to help to shrink them and relieve the symptoms but I’m more concerned about what’s going on down deeper in the incision area.

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I don’t have keloids, my incision scar does hurt and is sensitive to clothing. I am hoping with time it get better. 

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Three of mine decided to raise up a few weeks ago. I normally use some Vit E First Aid ointment I have, but just didn't get around to it. It is the same stuff I use for tattoos and it works great. It is like vaseline, but with vit e. Good luck!

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If you are someone who forms keloid scars then not much will help.  For further treatment you can try silicon patch dressings or ointment.   The brand I use is Dermamed for in surgery under the dressings and there is another one to use afterwards.  You can consult a plastic surgeon about revision of the scars but a lot just scar again, or a Dr that can do steroid injection to help flatten and remove inflamation.   The silicon causes a barrier that helps with scar reduction.   Good to use at the time of the scars but can also be used years later.  Usually after about 3 months of treatment with silicon  you will see all the improvement you are likely to see.  Silicon is your best first treatment as far as I know.  You can google hypertrophic scarring.   Silicon gel in a tube is made by several companies.  Easier to use than dressings on odd shaped body parts that move.  

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Some of my scars did this and some didn't. I've heard that some people with certain types of skin are more prone to this and also some areas of the body (like over the sternum) are prone to this.

I'm not sure you can do anything about it. A friend of mine brought me a salve from Vietnam that is bright orange that is supposed to help with it. I can't tell you what it's called. It's also supposed to lighten the scars. I can't tell that it helped at all.

I think with time (it's been 3 years now for me), they will stop bothering you. I'm not crazy about the way they look, but I'm glad I have them since it means I'm alive to be bothered by the way they look. They are like battle scars to me now.


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I have one exactly over my xiphoid thingie. It is the top half inch of my midline cut. I assumed it happened because the end of the cut tore while they were digging around inside. It doesn't bother me though it does feel very slightly itchy sometimes and might be a little sensitive to rubbing on clothing.

Every other cut healed quite nicely. If I was better looking I'd go topless just to show them off.


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