Good News!

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Just saw my oncologist. The Megace is holding the beast off!  Glory be to God!  Now I just have some hydroureronephrosis of my right kidney. I was just at urologist a couple months ago!  It’s always something. But for now, I’m happy. Just need to get rid of migraines. 



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    Wonderful news!

    So happy the progesterone is working for you.  What is your monitoring protocol, if I may ask? Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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    Happy dance here! That is

    Happy dance here! That is GREAT news. Congrats!


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    oldbeauty said:

    Wonderful news!

    So happy the progesterone is working for you.  What is your monitoring protocol, if I may ask? Best wishes, Oldbeauty


    At this point I get labs and CT scan every 3 months. I’m concerned about so frequent CT scans but I’ve never had more than 8 months of stability so at this point it is what it is. CA 125 never has been any value to me. 

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    Great news, Cheese! So happy

    Great news, Cheese! So happy for you. Here's to keeping that kind of news coming!

    Love and Hugs,


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    Good news

     You have had so much to deal with, one thing after another. It's way past time for a break. Let's hope you're on a roll. 

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    Three cheers for Megace!

    So happy to hear it is working for you. May I ask if you know the receptor levels of your tumor? I am also on Megace since October (160 mg / day) and just found out that the results from the second pathology report that only 25% of the cells are PR receptive and 50% of the cells are ER receptive. I was a bit disappointed with that since my cancer is of type 1, endometrioid histology, it is usually thought to be hormonally driven and the numbers suggest it is only moderately so. According to the papers below it seems cancer that is PR positive is more likely to respond to hormone therapy.

    For those of you who might be interested in reading a bit more about use of hormone therapy in advanced and recurrent endometrial cancer, these two papers are interesting:

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    Hey Cheese! That's just what we all needed to hear! That's the important mole to whack! Now if you can just get the other ones ;-)! Keep at it girl! It's a drag, but it's our reality.

    SF73...are you taking Metformin? It can help reactivate PR sensitivity, so it's very helpful to take when on Megace therapy.

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    Hi MABound,

    I am on Metformin (850 mg x 2 / day) and was encouraged to see the articles you have shared which discussed Metformin's ability to increase PR sensitivity. I just thought due to the histology of my tumor PR sensitivity would already be high and that I wouldn't need the boost from Metformin but I guess that is not always true. I do not mind being on these two drugs for the rest of my life if it means we can keep cancer at bay. Thanks for your note. 

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    Gee, I don’t know my PR receptor levels. There’s just so much to know!!  i  too am taking 160mg day (afraid it’s having something to do with my migraines. Hmmm migraines vs cancer. ). Anyway we were not too optimistic about the Megace because although my tumor was hormone receptive my tumor was high grade and I am over 60. So I was pleasantly surprised. Although my oncologist flatly refuses to prescribe metformin I’m really working over my endocrinologist to prescribe it. Hopefully I will be successful if I can solve this kidney issue. I hope the Megace works for you too. 

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    You may not be able to do much about hormonal changes making you susceptible to migraines now, (like you said: cancer vs migrains) but trying to identify your triggers can go a long way towards having them less often. It takes time to figure them out, but it's worth keeping a log of circumstances to track them down. You're probably sensitive to stuff now that never bothered you before. Not fun!

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    Great news!!!!  

    Great news!!!!  

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    I’ve had migraines my entire life. They pretty much stopped when I got past menopause. Yippee. But the auras came back with chemo. But after the stroke I didn’t have any. Until now. I thought it was because I started drinking a lot of tea and ate a bunch of chocolate. But triggers can be stress, barometric pressure ( who can avoid those), cheese, onions, medicines everything in your environment. When my dad died- no migraines. I got let go from a job I’d had 10 years- no migraines. I ate a bunch of chocolate- no migraines. My PCP said the triggers can be cumulative. Great. I’ve given up on trying to avoid triggers It would drive me nuts and make my already sucky quality of life worse. I’ll take my chances with triggers and hopefully get this under control with some good meds. What’s a few more?

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    I'm so glad to hear the good

    I'm so glad to hear the good news!! May it continue for many,  many years.



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    CheeseQueen - great news!

    thanks so much for sharing and may you continue to have good results. Here's to a healthier and happy 2018!

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    That is terrific news!

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    Yay! I am so happy for you,

    Yay! I am so happy for you, CheeseQueen! 

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    Yay, Cheese!

    This is the best news! Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm SO GLAD this treatment is working out for you. Blessed be, indeed ! B

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    Cheese Queen, good news

    Glad to hear the Megace is keeping you stable.

    Keep working on your endocrinologist to get on the metformin. Persistence pays off.



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    That is great news,

    That is great news, CheeseQueen!

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    Wonderful News

    Sounds like 2018 is going to be your year, Cheese!  Congratulations on the wonderful news you received from your oncologist on the Megace!!  I hope you also get the migraines and kidney issue resolved in the very near future.  You know, headaches can be a real mystery.  I used to get bad headaches on a regular basis for many years until my cancer diagnosis and treatment.  In the eighteen years since then, I have not had a headache.  I'm assuming hormones must have played a big role in my case.  So when people ask me what I did to treat my headaches, I told them I got cancer!!

    All the best,