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Two weeks after surgery

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And still having issues when I urinate the stream is narrow  and there is pain every once in awhile. I hope it did not damage anything when they took the catheter out going to see the specialist on the 8th for my first follow-up, hopefully this is not a permanent thing and one thing is for certain I sure don't want any other surgeries .

It was not like this before I had the surgery

Thanks again 



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with maybe a bad day un between. It took me almost 11 months to get back on water skis *for my 60th birthday



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Hi. Everything takes time and prob much longer than we want. Try to be patient...I know it can be difficult.

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Whew Sal, I bet that is not comfortable at all to urinate! Did you tell your doctor yet? I know you are scheduled to see him but you may want to let them know. They may do a UA (Urine Analysis) to see if there is an infection. And yes, it could be irritation from the Catheter. 

Hope you continue to heal without any discomfort! Hang in ther and let us know how you are doing ok hon?

Sending you Heaing HUGS,


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Sometimes catheter removal can cause discomfort.  I hope you feel better soon and your follow up on the 8th goes well!!! Prayers 

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